10 easy ways to update your bathroom in a weekend

10 easy ways to update your bathroom in a weekend

A dingy and outdated bathroom can make your morning routine even harder to face. But not to fear – there are simple ways to refresh your bathroom over a weekend.

Here are 10 of the best easy bathroom updates:

Utilise Wall Space

If your bathroom work surfaces look unkempt and untidy with all kinds of hair and beauty products sprawled across them, make the most of any available wall space by turning it into a storage option. Simple spice racks nailed to the wall can be used to organise all bottles and containers.

Create a Colourful Magnet Board

A colourful magnet board, can revolutionise how you store your make up and beauty products. Made mostly out of old household items, the magnet board minimises the space used and makes it simpler to find whatever product you need before leaving the house.

Promote Light and Space

This tip is particularly helpful for homes with small bathrooms which feel cramped. Promote the sense of natural light in the room to help build a sense of wellbeing. Whilst installing a larger window may be more than a weekend’s work, a large feature mirror can help improve the distribution of light reflected throughout the room.

Install Towel Racks on the Door

Rather than having a basket with towels in or a cumbersome towel rack, install a towel rack on the back of the bathroom door to free up space. The average door can fit three singe racks on. Hang different coloured, vibrant towels on each of the racks so family members know which are their towels, and add extra colour to the room.

Clean with Fruit

Cleaning the bathroom does not need to be a long, drawn-out process utilising a lot of expensive cleaning products. Many cleaning jobs in the bathroom can be completed using fruit, which adds both a sparkle and lovely smell to the room. Half a grapefruit can be used to clean the bath, sink, toilets and surfaces. Simply dampen the surface of the bath et al and scrub down with half a grapefruit, sprinkled with a ¼ cup of salt. In a similar manner, lemons can be used to clean shower doors.

Update the Smaller Features

Rather than uprooting all your bathroom furnishings and plumbing, you can give the current fittings a makeover. John Louis Bathrooms stock a range of taps which can be fitted onto sinks or bathtubs to update and improve their appearance with minimal effort. Replacing a tap can take as a little as an hour to complete.

Cleaning Tiles

Floor and wall tiles in bathrooms are often the features which show the evidence of ageing first. Damp, mould and stains can start to manifest in the bathroom, creating a grossly unattractive appearance. It can be tempting to remove and replace these tiles, but simply giving them a thorough clean can be just as effective. Cleanipedia offers a comprehensive guide on how to make your bathroom look like new with clean tiles.

Add a Magnetic Strip for Hard to Find Items

If you find you’re always losing nail files, nail clippers, bobby pins and tweezers, this simple addition can keep them all neatly stored and easy to find. Simply add a magnetic strip to a wall or cabinet in the bathroom and all of these items can be simply attached, keeping them organised and at hand at all times.

Magazine Rack Hair Straightener Storage

Rather than leaving hair straighteners and dryers lying around looking untidy, a magazine rack attached to the inside door of a cabinet can store these items neatly and effortlessly. Using a strong glue (depending on the material of your cabinets) stick the largest side of the rack to the inside of the door for quick and simple access.

Personal Toothbrush Holder

Rather than throwing your toothbrush carelessly on the side after use. These innovative toothbrush holder designs from Domesblissity are quirky and attractive additions to the bathroom. Many of the designs won’t take very long to complete and you can even get the kids involved, adding that extra personality.

Have you recently carried out a bathroom renovation? If so, drop us a comment and let us know your top tips for getting that perfect bathroom.

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