2017 gardening and outdoor living trends

With the rise of wellbeing trends, it’s hardly a surprise that gardening and outdoor living is becoming a growing theme in homes across the country.

We are taking a look at some of the top gardening and outdoor living ideologies of 2017 to help you get those green fingers into action. Whether you’re a total novice or fully fledged plant whisperer, 2017 is bound to bring out the best of your gardening creativity!

Grow Your Own

As the superfood craze continues to take hold, we predict that more and more people will turn to growing their own food. Clean eating is bigger than ever and as everyone knows, you can’t get much cleaner than something you have grown yourself. Try planting some quirky veggies such as Vampire Chilli Peppers that are pitch black and turn blood red once they’re ripe, or Cucamelon – the tiny fruits that look like little melons but taste like cucumbers!

Health and wellbeing

Not only does gardening help to reduce stress and increase wellbeing, but it also leads to increased productivity too! Take time out to nurture your garden and stimulate your sense of wellbeing – even if you live in a city home with limited outdoor space, adding a few green plants can bring life and colour to the dullest of corners! Your mind and garden will feel better for it.

Bring the outdoors in

As the Scandi trend gluggavedur grows, more and more people are bringing the outdoors in. The movement promotes window dressing and calming settings and is a prime example of how well a few plants indoors can work. Try dressing your windowsills with greenery that will aid oxygen circulation and help bring a breath of fresh air into your home.

Diversity in the garden

Growing biodiversity within your garden is a wonderful thing! Introduce hedgehog homes or bug friendly compost to encourage new wildlife to take up residency in your back garden. Try making a bumblebee home out of logs by drilling small holes into the centre, and placing on a sunny wall or fence. Check out how to do this here.

How are you getting greener this year? Let us know below!

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