5 Ways to Prepare Your Home For Sale

5 Ways to Prepare Your Home For Sale

When selling your home, it’s tough to know what compels buyers to take a liking to your house, let alone love your house enough to place a bid. Is it something as simple as the feel given off by your colour scheme,  the exterior vision your home exudes,  or even the raw potential of the space as a whole.  It’s impossible to know what will wow a buyer, especially when people have such different and ranging tastes. There are a few questions that creep into the mind of every homeowner when they decide to sell a home, and with so many doubts flying around your head, it can be tough to know that you’re concentrating on the right things when sprucing your home up to impress potential buyers. If you’re wanting to give it a go yourself, without the help of a home staging professional planner, we’re here to give you guidance.



Re-paint the walls with neutral colors
You may love the individuality of your pink walls and your kids may be crazy about green, but when it comes to buyers, it helps if they’re able to block out the individual style of the current owner and imagine what they’d love the home to look like. This is made abundently easier if  you utilise neutral tones, so give them a quick lick of paint, touch up any areas that are in need, and make the most of tans and whites.

Remove personal items
As mentioned above, it’s important to let your buyers feel what the home would be like for them. Buyers must be able to envision themselves into your home. So it’s better to remove everything that’s too personal like your personal photographs and individual sentimental posessions.

Have Proper Lighting
It’s show time, so make your home as enticing as possible through use of lighting. Open up the window areas and ensure you aren’t blocking out natural light.  Add floor and table lamps to all the areas where lighting is dim to ensure you aren’t leading buyers into a dingy home. Lights make your cheery room look bigger and welcoming.

Go Green
Green is the color of nature and symbolizes the growth, harmony, freshness, and fertility. So, use some potted plants or a few pretty looking buds in a vase to bring some energy into the space. Also, fill out the empty corners of the home. Make sure that plants are healthy.

Organize your closets
When it comes to home selling, storage space is a huge selling point, if your open spaces and storage areas are cluttered and overflowing to the brim, buyers will get the feeling that you don’t have enough space. Make your belongings look more organized and remove all the excess clutter.

It might seem like common sense, but these quick simple jobs can make the world of difference. If you aren’t sure whether your home is ready for a viewing, have a test run with a family member or close friend. They’ll have a fresh mind, meaning they’ll see your home in the same way a buyer would.


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