A mindful home

Your home will become your castle and as such, it’s important to ensure it reflects a happy, healthy and calm atmosphere. After all, looking after your mental well-being is just as important as taking care of your physical health.

As growing ‘to do’ lists become increasingly normal, it’s hardly surprising that activities such as meditation, mindfulness and yoga are becoming more popular. In order to cultivate a wellbeing atmosphere, let’s start with the home environment.

1. Theme carefully

It’s important to pick a theme that can run throughout the whole home, achieving a sense of balance around the entire living space. Pair similar shades and fabrics together in order to allow the theme to flow and don’t go overboard on the accessories as this can easily turn into clutter.

2. Bright is out

Used in the correct environment, bright colours can work wonders. However, if it’s a relaxed and mellow environment you’re seeking then opt for subtle, washed-out tones. Experiment with soft blues and muted greys – you’ll be surprised with how much lighter the room will look as a result.

3. Actively declutter

Allow key decorative items to stand out by removing any unnecessary clutter from around the house. We’re not for one moment suggesting that vast empty spaces are what to aim for but if it doesn’t fit, get rid of it. Too many ornaments and general ‘stuff’ can create a state of chaos, which in turn leads to a chaotic state of mind.

How do you bring the mindfulness trend into your home? Be sure to give us your tips and tricks over on social or comment below.

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