Is your home winter-ready?

Is your home winter-ready?


With the cold weather beginning to creep in, it’s time to ensure your home is winter-ready. According to the Met Office, 5.4 million British households experienced weather-related damage in the last five years, some of which having costs of up to £5,000. So buckle down the hatches, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Test the boiler

If your boiler is still relatively new, you won’t have anything to worry about but if it’s been knocking around for a while, now is the time to check it. Boilers commonly break down in winter and can cost up to £1,000 to replace. Shockingly, around two in three households have never had their boilers serviced.

Wind damage

Britain has been experiencing its fair share of storms recently, with Storm Brian recently wreaking havoc throughout the country. Now is the time to check the stability of trees in your garden and the tiles on the roof of your house. If you don’t, you could wake up one morning with a hole in your roof!

Freezing pipes

Numb fingers, numb toes and frozen pipes are all possibilities in winter. Not many of us realise how important it is to insulate outside pipes and safeguard them from freezing. Frozen pipes can crack and cause all sort of havoc in the form of flooding your home and leaving it without water.

Water damage

It is important to locate your stoptap in case of a water-related emergency. A stoptap can turn off the flow of water throughout your house in case of an imminent flood. They are usually located under the kitchen sink and sometimes in a cupboard, garage or cellar.


Have you got any top tips on how to winter-proof your home, let us know in the comments below.

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How to make your home spook-tacular for Halloween

How to make your home spook-tacular for Halloween

It’s time to make the most of this spooky month and, seeing as we’re halfway through October, what better time to look for some spine-tingling inspiration to get your home ready for All Hallows Eve.

So sit back, grab your broomstick and release your inner Addams Family ready for our top home accessory picks – if you dare!


Halloween Pumpkin Bauble Fairy Lights / £10.99 / TESCO Direct


Image credit: Tesco

Image credit: Tesco

These gloriously ghoulish pumpkins make a cosy addition to any Halloween home. Drape across the fireplace for a warm seasonal glow, or hang on your windows on the 31st to welcome Trick-or-Treaters.

Large Silver Terracotta Pumpkin / £5 / Wilko


Image credit: Wilko

Image credit: Wilko


Pumpkins. We like to think of them as the Christmas Tree of Halloween – who’s with us? If you are looking for a pumpkin that you can use every year then this silver-effect candle holder is the perfect addition to a spooky home.

Large Halloween Glass Skull with Cork / £5 / John Lewis


Image credit: John Lewis


Looking for a gothic alternative to the humble wine glass when hosting your fabulous Halloween party this year? Surprise your guests with these eccentric glass skulls, great for holding whatever delicious cocktail you are planning. If you find them too pretty to use as drinkware then they make fantastic table pieces.


Autumnal Wreath / £30 / John Lewis


Image credit: John Lewis


Who said wreaths can only be used at Christmas? We love this seasonal addition that could easily feature in the location of one of our favourite Disney films, ‘Halloween Town’ (no, we haven’t forgotten Hocus Pocus).


Autumn Garland / £12.25(+shipping) / Etsy


Image credit: Etsy

Image credit: Etsy

How glorious is this autumnal garland? Handmade with alternating ¾ inch mustard, cream, pumpkin, brown and moss balls – these will add a dash of colour to your fireplace or shelves. We are in love!

How do you like to decorate your home for Halloween? Let us know in the comments below!


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Five Houseplants that will see you through winter

Five Houseplants that will see you through winter

  1. Poinsettia

The poinsettia is an absolute Christmas classic (yes we did just mention the festive season).

Its vibrant hue will brighten up any room in the house, especially when placed strategically on windowsills to offset those harsh winter whites. Easier to maintain than is often made out, poinsettias just need to be shielded from the cold on your way home from the shop, and kept warm but not too hot when inside.


  1. The Christmas Cactus

When the November sleet gets you down, and the reality of winter is setting in, welcome the tropical Christmas cactus into your home. The Christmas cactus, or Schlumberga as it is also known, remains green for most of the year, but when Christmas comes around this plant gets in the seasonal spirit by sprouting purple, red, orange and white blooms. To ensure the Christmas cactus lives up to its name, make sure you provide the plant with twelve hours of darkness a night in the month leading up to the big day.


  1. Kalanchoe

Kalanchoes grow in small bell-shapes in a variety of colours. Walking through the door to a warm bouquet of reds and pinks will instantly brighten your mood on a cold day. A bonus is that Kalanchoes are low maintenance houseplants, taking autumnal mornings in their stride.


  1. Jerusalem Cherry

This bushy, evergreen shrub is the perfect addition to your houseplant collection. The Jerusalem cherry blooms small, long-lasting berries in the winter, ushering life and vitality into your home. These cheery, squat houseplants need to be kept in a humid setting and benefit from being watered twice a week. A word of warning: these poisonous fruits should be for decorative purposes only as ingesting them could lead to serious illness – not what you need during the party season!


  1. Holly

It may not be the season to be jolly quite yet, but it is almost essential to welcome Holly into your home during the autumn/winter season. The plant’s waxy, pointed leaves and red berries bring seasonal joy wherever they rest, and can certainly be an eye-catching botanical centrepiece for your home. Hollies require thoroughly drained, acidic soil and proper exposure to sunlight to thrive indoors.


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The Blogger Edit – RVK Loves

The Blogger Edit – RVK Loves

If striking colour choices, vintage finds combined with contemporary pieces, and sociable open plan living is your favourite style of interior decor then ideas from our latest Inspiration Gallery blogger will be right up your street.

Award-winning interiors and lifestyle blogger, Rebecca Sterling (aka RVK Loves), has kindly invited us into her beautiful home, and we have to admit – we are pretty amazed by it!

Mixing her love of flowers, travel, styling and photography, you can find Rebecca over on her Instagram channel (@rvk_loves) as well as on her blog, Roses & Rosstops’.

Check out Rebecca’s interior vision over on our latest Inspiration Gallery here  – but be careful, it’ll make you want to decorate your entire house again!

IMG_6504 3

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The Mustard Trend – Our Top Five Picks

The Mustard Trend – Our Top Five Picks

One of our favourite colours used throughout 2017 has been the stunning mustard trend that came straight off the Spring/Summer catwalk and straight into our homes.

From luxurious throws to striking mid-century style furniture, let’s take a peek at how you can incorporate this look into your seasonal décor with our top autumnal picks…

Mustard Throw / IKEA / £15

must 1

Image credit: IKEA

This cosy throw would look fantastic mixed with a navy colour palette. If you’re a Farrow and Ball fan then ‘Hague Blue’ is the paint choice to go for. Team with mustard accessories and vintage furniture for a bold, Scandinavian vibe.

Floor Lamp / MADE / £79

must 1

Image Credit: MADE

Lights…camera…ACTION! Combining industrial chic with sleek modern design, this statement lamp is the perfect on-trend design for those looking for a minimalist movie star home appearance.

Armchair / Maisons Du Monde / £145.50

must 1

Image Credit: Maisons Du Monde

Described as ‘cocoon-like and cosy’ this fabulously retro armchair is the perfect brightly coloured addition to your living room. We particularly like this matched with grey walls. Try Dulux ‘Tranquil Retreat’ for an affordable yet stylish hue.

Moroccan Tile Lampshade / Not On The High Street / £45

must 1

Image Credit: Not On The High Street

If mid-century modern isn’t your preference, take a look at this vibrant Moroccan lamp from Not on the High Street. A contemporary take on North African patterns, this lampshade would look stunning with teal, royal blue or soft pinks. Who said we need to say goodbye to summer so soon?

World Map / Etsy / £6.46

must 1

Image Credit: Etsy

Been on an amazing gap year? Or are you simply lusting over travelling the world one day? If you’re looking for a cool and modern style without waiting for delivery, this digital print is just a snip at £6.46. Where is your dream destination?

Are you embracing the mustard trend this season? Let us know what you have been loving in the comments below!

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Bringing autumn into your Home

Bringing autumn into your Home

There’s no denying that ‘winter is coming’, and while it may be hard to let go of the last whimsical days of summer, welcoming Autumn style into your home is an experience second to none. We’ve compiled our five favourite ways to do this without breaking the bank.

  1. Lighting

The first step to bringing an autumnal vibe to your home is to fill it with candles. As the days grow shorter, reach for a match instead of the light-switch and your house will soon be filled with a gentle glowing light that is quintessentially autumn. Pleasantly scented candles also have the added bonus of filling the house with all sorts of wonderful scents.

If you’re not one for the maintenance that comes with having to replace candles, lampshades with soft fabrics such as linen can create that gentle light that will dramatically change the feel of your home. The perfect atmosphere for blankets and ‘Bake-Off’!

lighting autumn

  1. Textures

A change in textures around your home can make a huge difference to the atmosphere, and actually have a very practical use. When buying a few, seasonal pieces, focus on picking up warm fabrics, such as a shag pile rug, or velvet cushions. Having a more inviting and cosy vibe to your home will not only bring out a different look, but will also make staying warm during the colder months a lot easier, with items such as a cable knit wool blankets, faux fur cushions or sheep skin rugs adding a texture that retains the precious warmth we all crave.


  1. Dishware and Serving Pieces

Copper seems to be that autumn trend that returns without fail every single year, and the easiest way to incorporate these beautiful tones into your home is often by swapping your lighter, summer dishware and serving pieces for this timeless, seasonal option. Kettles, bowls, mugs and even silverware can be changed into ‘copperware’. Thankfully this has been a huge trend in 2017 so you won’t struggle to find some fabulous pieces on the high street!


  1. Scents

As the seasons change, the scents that we use in our homes will change too. Switching from summery florals to deeper, warmer scents can completely revamp the ambience of your home. Amber, musk and cinnamon spices are just a few different options that scream autumn, and can be incorporated into almost every space in your home. Candles, diffusers, soaps and potpourri only just scratch the surface of the vast selections available. However, we do recommend that when choosing these scented products for your home, you try to stick with a single scent per room, or even for your entire house.


  1. Festive Accents

While putting up your Christmas tree during September might be a little early, this doesn’t mean you need to completely shy away from any festive touches to your home décor when autumn comes to visit. A neutral colour palate with pops of warm colour and themed items such as decorative pumpkins, or even a bowl of pine cones taps into that festive feel without you being branded as the one person in the neighbourhood who welcomes Christmas three months too early.



Are you looking forward to autumn? From pumpkin-spiced lattes to cosy nights in front of the fire – let us know what you are craving most this season!



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How to make your home pet friendly

Many landlords have strict ‘no pets’ policies meaning renters are forced to live without a furry, loyal companion in their home. Once you become a homeowner, you may therefore be tempted to rush into buying a pet, but there are many factors you need to consider before you adopt a Pug or Labrador! The main one being ‘is my home pet friendly?’ Here’s what you need to do to make sure it is…

Fur babies

  • A good rule of thumb when pet-proofing your house is to use similar health and safety measures as those you’d use for a baby or toddler. From hiding electric cables behind appliances to not leaving lit candles out, do a risk assessment around your home and try to spot all potential hazards!
  • Putting child locks on your kitchen cupboards can prevent a variety of incidents! Many every day food items, such as grapes or chocolate, are highly toxic to dogs so it is essential you lock your cupboards to avoid tragedy.
  • If you hpugave a small or young pet, invest in a child’s stair gate to avoid any nasty falls as they learn how to navigate the steps. Alternatively, you can pop it on your kitchen door to keep out any hungry pups!

Decorate for your dogs

  • Cream carpets and expensive sofas may be your décor of choice, but with a pet (especially a dog!) it may prove less than practical. Good quality wooden flooring or tiles are much easier to clean, especially when house training, and doesn’t show up those pesky dog hairs!
  • When buying a new sofa, make sure you get one with removable covers so they are easy to clean. Choosing a natural colour is also great at hiding that summer fur shedding.

Glorious garden

  • Your garden should be your pet’s paradise. Be sure that it is completely safe by making it fully fenced, with no gaps and potential repair work needing to be done. This not only protects your pet from escaping, but also lowers the risk of your beloved friend being stolen.
  • Prevent a tragedy by making sure your garden is also completely poison-free. Avoid putting down slug pellets and look out for any hazardous plants that could make your pet ill, even cocoa chips in gardens are highly poisonous to dogs who mistake them for chocolate due to the smell.
  • Make sure that all ponds are covered; your dog may like a dip in the sea but for don’t expect your smaller animals to be good swimmers!cat

Safety first

Just as with children, make sure that you keep your house as safe as possible by closing windows and closing appliances such as your oven. Cats are notorious for finding cosy spots to sleep the day away in and can easily be missed while snoozing in the washing machine. The same is applied to open windows with many cats having serious or even fatal accidents by falling from a great height.

Do you have any helpful advice on how to keep your home pet friendly? Pop your tips in the comments below.


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Five ways to recreate vintage style in the home

Are you bored of minimal modernity and craving the class and sophistication of the ‘Mad Men’ era? Perhaps you dream about the rustic charms of turn of the century French country chic? Whatever style you choose, we have some helpful advice on how to achieve your perfect vintage home.

Embrace you erastairs

Select an era you want to emulate, from 1920’s art deco glamour to the homely yet kitsch vibe of a mid-century abode, choose your pieces wisely to achieve true authenticity. However, if done correctly, taking differe    nt inspiration from various eras can also work well for an unconventional yet effortlessly cool home. Pinterest  has some fabulous ideas to transform your home into a wonder of the past.

History in colour

Choosing the right colour scheme for your vintage home is just as important as the furniture, from the dark and striking colours of early 20th century America, to the bold statement prints of the 1960s, each provide a snapshot into that time period. Vintage paint companies such as Grand Illusions, and chalk paint powerhouse Annie Sloan provide a vast selection of high quality paints in a range of colours.

 Blooming Beautifulwallpaper

Don’t restrict the power of the flower to the garden; brighten up your lounge and bedroom with some floral patterned pieces for a groovy 70’s vibe. If you’re a dab hand at sewing, seek out fabric offcuts and vintage themed samples from your local haberdashery to rework old furnishings or make new pieces.

Recycle old treasures

Give antique finds a second lease of life by bringing them into your home. On a budget? By scouring thrift shops and car boot sales you could find a variety of incredible items from the past, without paying “vintage store” prices. Also, spending a little time on EBay can uncover a treasure trove of retro furniture and home accessories, perfect for any vintage home. DIY savvy? Distress an old piece of furniture or reupholster a plain chair to turn it into a wonderful one off piece – the possibilities are endless.

Be inspired by sideboardothers

The internet is a wonderful place to discover inspiration with fantastic interior design blogs, inspirational websites such as Houzz  and Pinterest. However, as well as this why don’t you look a little closer to home? Speak to your relatives who have lived through these fantastic decades and ask to see photos of their homes back in the day. You never know, you may get your very own interior designer to help out in the form of your Grandparent!

Image Credits: Deviant ArtWikimedia, Wikimedia

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Six top tips for a barbecue at your new home

Everyone knows that one of the main features of a great British summer is a barbecue. So why not use that new home and garden of yours to host one for your friends and family? The British summer isn’t the most reliable when it comes to its weather, but in the hope that we do have at least a few nice weeks this year, why not give it a go using these top tips:


A themed barbecue is a great way to build enthusiasm among you and your guests, whether you simply theme the food you plan on serving or opt for something  more creative. Whichever you choose, have fun with it! Create an idea that both you and your guests will enjoy being a part of. Make sure it’s not something overly  difficult or complicated, just something to add to the occasion.


Games are a great asset to a barbecue once the food and drink is underway. This will add to the fun aspect of your barbeque and give you the chance to try out your  creative skills as a host. You could even incorporate your theme! Why not divulge some family jokes or something that will trigger a memory among your friends? The  games can be anything as simple as a game of cards, to an amusing game of Twister!

 Try some new food

There are a number of conventional foods associated with a British barbecue; from the classic beef burger, to the good old hot dog. Why not show off your cooking and creativity by adding to these classics using recipes that people may not have tried before? Go back to your original theme and try to alter the food accordingly, whether adding some salsa and guacamole to your Mexican themed barbie, or making a big paella to channel your inner Spaniard.

Create some drinks

Exciting drinks to go with your food, whether alcohol or juice based, themed or none-themed, will enhance your barbecue even further. Try your hand at creating some cocktails or make a good old fruit punch or vintage lemonade for those less inclined to alcohol.

Invite the neighbours

You’re in a new house, which most likely means you’re in a new neighbourhood, so why not invite some of the neighbours? A laid back event like a barbeque is a great opportunity to meet and get to know some of the people on your new street, so try to invite them along to join you.

Make the most of your garden

You’ve got a nice new garden, so make the most of it! If you have garden furniture, make sure it’s accessible to your guests and spread out as to use as much space as possible. Even if your garden isn’t very big, you can still make the most of what you’ve got; put some rugs out for people to sit on or utilize your dining room furniture if possible.


Image credit: Takuma Kimura via

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Bohemian garden design for your outdoor nook

Bohemian garden design for your outdoor nook

Ever since the 60’s, the bohemian lifestyle has been intriguing thanks to books like On The Road. However, with it carries many downsides – lack of financial stability for example –  and it’s this that deters the majority of us from ever truly living it. However, as a substitute, there’s no reason why you can’t implement some of the aesthetic ideas that are characteristic for bohemian style in your own home. While you might not want this type of bohemian garden design to run throughout your entire property, your backyard or outdoor nook is the perfect place to turn into your own bohemian hideaway. Here are some practical tips on how to do this most efficiently.

Anyone can do this

Bohemian style is achieved by mixing all available styles, picking what you like and using it together. Even though that might sound easy, the trick is to make it look accidental and entirely effortless; a sort of creative chaos, but still welcoming and functional. Any item used needs to be carefully chosen and suitably placed to maintain the authentic atmosphere, and to avoid looking too contrived.


Vivid colours and natural materials are the way to go when it comes to furniture. Since we’re working with a small outdoor space, you won’t have to use many items, just a comfortable armchair with colourful upholstery, a small ornamented table, a fold-able bed in “hippie” design and some shelves made of wooden crates, for example. Of course, rustic appearance is preferred, meaning second hand or reclaimed is the best route to go.


A rug is an absolute must given that sitting and resting on the floor is typical behaviour for any true Bohemian. However, that doesn’t mean you have to be uncomfortable or cold each time you do that. Opt for an Oriental ornamented or native North or South American Indian style rug. They are uniquely patterned, vividly-colored and certainly comfortable to sit and lay on.


Candles are most certainly a bohemian feature and different sized ones – either stood alone or put into a candelabra with rich ornamentation – are a sure win. However, they are more suitable for special occasions, not for everyday use.

If you are a practical person, you can include a floor lamp. It will make your outdoor nook feel even more like a living room and more comfortable, and make reading outside a lot easier. You can find a lot of inspiration for floor lamps in online light shops in Sydney. Choose a lamp that is simple in its design and you can always use it as a part of some other décor. Since Bohemian style is vivid and allows for a lot of mixed styles, you can paint the lamp shade to your liking. In addition, lanterns would be a suitable accessory, too. Their soft lights receive universal liking.

Some other inspiring ideas

Cushions and pillows in as many bright colours as possible should also find their spot in your Bohemian nook, not to mention old suitcases, record players and even old wind-up clocks. Let your imagination fly when you pick up particular items, make a statement and leave a personal, above-all colourful touch.

This is a guest post from Derek Lotts, an Australian writer who covers home improvement and gardening (he considers these as self-improvement topics). He believes in the power of sharing ideas and communicating via the internet to achieve betterment. Image credit: John Mould via Compfight


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