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At First Home News we are happy to welcome guest writers/bloggers or individuals who share a genuine interest in home design, gardening, DIY, saving money etc and wish to pass on their wisdom to others in our magazine.

If you believe that you have something of value to add, large or small, then please email keepmoat@prohibitionpr.co.uk with a brief suggestion of what you would like to write/share and we will get back to you as soon as we can.  The content is managed by Prohibition on behalf of the site’s sponsors Keepmoat Homes.

If you are accepted as a guest writer, you will be provided with your own logins and will be able to write regularly receiving a link back to your own site for your trouble. We want your content to be interesting, engaging and original, so feel free to drop a few suggestions to our wider writing team.

Some of our professional contributors include:

Profile - FirstHomeNews (3)Moneystepper – The author of Moneystepper blog, Graham Clark, is a qualified accountant, avid money saver and wealth creator, who has published an e-book entitled: ‘Becoming Rich: One Step at a Time’. The Moneystepper blog provides small ways to save money by giving ideas and theories applicable to the majority of people, each and every day.



20130306-000019Dorky Mum – The author of Dorky Mum blog, Ruth Dawkins, is a writer and editor, and has been published in The Guardian and Easy Living.
The Dorky Mum blog gives expert lifestyle tips and advice from the stay-at-home mother.



Michelle Pannell profile pic (2)Mummy From The Heart – Michelle Pannell writes the top UK parenting blog Mummy from the Heart.  She can be found on Twitter as @michelletwinmum, and is mum to three (including twins) and has just moved house (again) this summer.
Mummy From The Heart blog discusses her experiences of parenting, family life, Christianity and positivity.


GravatarThe Money Principle – Maria Nedeva is the blogger behind The Money Principle: a personal finance blog that will ‘make your head hurt and your wallet sing’. There she writes about money management, wealth and the changing rules of money.



PennyGolightlyAvatar-212x300Penny Golightly – Penny is the writer of her self-titled blog.  Penny is a journalist and author who set up this site to share bargain-hunting tips and information. She loves finding all the nicer things in life for less.






Family Budgeting – Becky Goddard-Hill is the author of the Family Budgeting blog, which is full of ideas for living creatively as a family on a budget. She has also written a book entitled ‘How to afford time off with your baby.’



CarlyCarly Wood – Carly is a freelance writer who has written guest posts for many blogs, including Virgin.com. She writes about a variety of topics, but specialises in housing and interior design.




Keeping Healthy Getting Stylish – Laura is the author of healthy living blog Keeping Healthy Getting Stylish. She also does health coaching, writing, working with charities and communities, spreading the love of healthy habits and hopes to inspire others along the way! 





All About Property – Property & interiors journalist Richenda Oldham, is the author of the All About Property Blog, where she shares her tips on all things residential. She also has a background as an interiors journalist and is extremely interested in property and interior design.




sarah (Medium)

The Compost Bin – Sarah is the writer of The Compost Bin blog.  She is a freelance environmental educator/writer who grows her organic produce and makes a lot of compost. Sarah and her family try their best to live a more self-reliant lifestyle, growing and making products and re-using and re-cycling things if possible.





Lillian Connors – Lillian Connors is a blogger and home improvement enthusiast ever so keen on doing various DIY projects around her house. She is also an online marketing consultant, closely collaborating with a number of Australian companies, the most prominent of which is currently Permanent Plumbing Solutions.



Michelle Chapman (2)

Veg Plotting – Michelle is the writer of  Veg Plotting, where she blogs about her small town garden, seasonal food and anything else which strikes her whilst up at her allotment. She is a freelance writer from Chippenham, Wiltshire. Her last two homes have been new builds where she has designed the gardens from scratch. Her latest is on a tricky one in ten slope, on clay and she finds ‘step sitting’ right in the middle of the garden is the best place to think about what to do next.




DSCF2211 (640x480)

Tinned Tomatoes – Jac is a food writer, author of Tinned Tomatoes and recipe developer who specialises in vegetarian cooking and more recently vegan cooking. Her interest in food began when she became a vegetarian 24 years ago, and she’s been trying out new recipes since then. 





Lobster and Swan – Jeska is the writer of Lobster and Swan interior design blog, who lives to make her (and hopefully our) surroundings a happier, more beautiful place. Her interest began when she was in college where she studied Graphic design and design communication, and developed her obsession with the beautiful pages of Vogue and Elle. 



graham norwood

Property News Hound – Graham Norwood is a journalist who has specialised in writing about residential property for over 10 years and is the writer of Property News Hound. Graham is critical of the ‘fluffy’ property journalism that appears in some papers and prefers writing stories on the state of the market across the UK and the rest of the world.

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