Bohemian garden design for your outdoor nook

Bohemian garden design for your outdoor nook

Ever since the 60’s, the bohemian lifestyle has been intriguing thanks to books like On The Road. However, with it carries many downsides – lack of financial stability for example –  and it’s this that deters the majority of us from ever truly living it. However, as a substitute, there’s no reason why you can’t implement some of the aesthetic ideas that are characteristic for bohemian style in your own home. While you might not want this type of bohemian garden design to run throughout your entire property, your backyard or outdoor nook is the perfect place to turn into your own bohemian hideaway. Here are some practical tips on how to do this most efficiently.

Anyone can do this

Bohemian style is achieved by mixing all available styles, picking what you like and using it together. Even though that might sound easy, the trick is to make it look accidental and entirely effortless; a sort of creative chaos, but still welcoming and functional. Any item used needs to be carefully chosen and suitably placed to maintain the authentic atmosphere, and to avoid looking too contrived.


Vivid colours and natural materials are the way to go when it comes to furniture. Since we’re working with a small outdoor space, you won’t have to use many items, just a comfortable armchair with colourful upholstery, a small ornamented table, a fold-able bed in “hippie” design and some shelves made of wooden crates, for example. Of course, rustic appearance is preferred, meaning second hand or reclaimed is the best route to go.


A rug is an absolute must given that sitting and resting on the floor is typical behaviour for any true Bohemian. However, that doesn’t mean you have to be uncomfortable or cold each time you do that. Opt for an Oriental ornamented or native North or South American Indian style rug. They are uniquely patterned, vividly-colored and certainly comfortable to sit and lay on.


Candles are most certainly a bohemian feature and different sized ones – either stood alone or put into a candelabra with rich ornamentation – are a sure win. However, they are more suitable for special occasions, not for everyday use.

If you are a practical person, you can include a floor lamp. It will make your outdoor nook feel even more like a living room and more comfortable, and make reading outside a lot easier. You can find a lot of inspiration for floor lamps in online light shops in Sydney. Choose a lamp that is simple in its design and you can always use it as a part of some other décor. Since Bohemian style is vivid and allows for a lot of mixed styles, you can paint the lamp shade to your liking. In addition, lanterns would be a suitable accessory, too. Their soft lights receive universal liking.

Some other inspiring ideas

Cushions and pillows in as many bright colours as possible should also find their spot in your Bohemian nook, not to mention old suitcases, record players and even old wind-up clocks. Let your imagination fly when you pick up particular items, make a statement and leave a personal, above-all colourful touch.

This is a guest post from Derek Lotts, an Australian writer who covers home improvement and gardening (he considers these as self-improvement topics). He believes in the power of sharing ideas and communicating via the internet to achieve betterment. Image credit: John Mould via Compfight


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