Why Buy New? A Guide to Buying with Keepmoat

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Every new Keepmoat home is built using the latest high performance materials. The homes feature advanced heat and sound insulation, modern wiring and extremely robust foundations. So, one thing’s for sure – there’ll be no expensive structural repairs to fix!
Low-Maintenance Living
It’s a well-known fact that new homes are less high maintenance than the old ones. You won’t have to face changing old fashioned layouts, surprise damp or faulty wiring as our homes are modern and all included appliances are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.
Save Energy, Save Money
Did you know that new build homes cost about half as much money to heat as an old Victorian home – even one with modern-day improvements. That is why we have filled our Keepmoat homes with all the latest energy-saving technology. From high performance windows to the highest standards of insulation draft-proofing, these features are great news for the planet and your pocket!
Safety first
New homes are built with several safety features, including the very latest circuit breakers in electric wiring to help protect you from any nasty shocks. In addition to these, here at Keepmoat we install mains-powered smoke alarms, so you don’t need to worry about checking the batteries.
Peace of mind
If you choose to buy with us, you can rest assured that it’s covered with not one, but two warranties – our two-year Keepmoat warranty, as well as the standard 10 year NHBC or LABC structural warranty.
Fancy becoming the proud owner of one of our new builds? Head to our home page to see if we have a development in your desired area: https://www.keepmoat.com/
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