Amazing Homes

Swoon Worthy – Inspiration Gallery

Getting into the creative zone for interior decorating can take time and a lot of attempts but as Kimberley, the author of Swoon Worthy discovered, it can very soon become addictive. To help you on your way, she’s sharing with us her interior decorating story. Sit back, put the kettle on and prepare to be […]

Celebrity roundup – amazing homes

Most of us can only dream of living a celebrity lifestyle but still get an intense amount of satisfaction in virtually snooping around their houses. After all, what perfect places to pick up interior inspiration and see what works and what definitely doesn’t. Justin Bieber Justin Bieber’s bachelor pad is located in North London carrying […]

The minimalist approach

The past few years have seen the hipster look break out of its Shoreditch birth place and become the favoured look for the trendy youth of today. Edgy, hip and effortlessly cool, this style has spread across the world from Manchester to San Francisco and the best thing about it? It’s a low cost way […]

Government unveils £5billion House Building Fund

This week the government announced that it will find £5billion to solve the housing crisis, a long awaited House Building Fund to inject a new lease of life into the British housing situation. But political talk aside and in laymen’s terms, what does this mean for you? Builders will be trained to use more modern […]

The perfect autumn night in

Its official, autumn is on our doorstep so we’re back to darker mornings, colder weather and definitely less motivation to hit the gym! Although your evenings may now be spent hugging a hot water bottle with your cosy socks and cup of tea to hand, it doesn’t mean you can’t get creative with some cosy […]

First thing’s first: Essentials for moving into your new home

You’re finally here. You’ve scrimped and saved, you’ve studied mortgages to know your tracker from your variable, and you’ve become a dab hand at analysing the Bank of England interest rates. You’ve got the keys in your hand, and as you step into your brand new home you think: “This is it! I’ve made it” […]