Handyman guide: Bleeding radiators and fitting doors

You’ve just moved into your new home, and it’s hoped everything is running smoothly and to your liking. Even with a new house, however you’ll eventually need to carry out some home improvements, maintenance and DIY to keep everything ticking over smoothly. To get you started, we’ve run through some common chores, so you know […]

How to utilise a small bathroom

Many new homes carry the burden of having a small bathroom, and unlike a living room or bedroom, this isn’t as easy to rectify, as there are certain amenities that can’t be ignored. We’re here to provide you with some top tips so you can give the impression of space without having to knock down […]

DIY guide: Building your first toolbox

If you’re a DIY novice, but feel the need to prepare yourself for the flood of jobs you’ll need to carry out as a homeowner then you probably don’t know where to start in terms of getting into handiwork. Before you jump online looking for online tutorials of the range of jobs you want to […]

Make the most of your bijou kitchen

As much as we’d all love the luxury of a vast spacious kitchen that gives us plenty of space for preparation, storage and cooking, it can’t always be a reality. If your kitchen is more pokey than palatial then follow these easy tips to work your way around a small space. Utilise the full height […]

Minimalist home: Our easy guide

You’ve moved into your new home and now realise you have far too many belongings for your new rooms. You don’t want to fill up your house with rubbish, but you need to make sure your proudest possessions get the placement they deserve when you’re showing off your new place to friends. Keep your home […]

Winter DIY

With winter now closing in, we begin the cold months where we confine ourselves to the warmth of our home. Even through winter, you’ll be kept busy with DIY jobs to not only improve your home, but to also keep it safe.   Indoor jobs The most important appliance within your home this winter is […]

Wooden log burners: Why you need one

Over recent years, sales in log burning stoves have been roaring. Not only do they help to save you money in the long run, but they provide a true sense of character to any room in which you want one. Through the cold winter months, they provide unrivalled heat at a low cost, and add […]

Beginners guide: Growing your own fruit and vegetables

You’ve moved into your new place, everything is settled and you’re happy with your rooms and furniture. All you now need is to spruce up that garden to give you a better view out of the window on a morning. If you have plenty of garden space, why not use some soil space to grow […]

Prepare your garden for the winter months

You worked hard all spring and summer getting your garden looking pristine, but with winter settling in complete with the short days and icy nights, it’s time to let go and prepare your garden for the months ahead. Clear out Obviously, your plants are no longer alive due to the lack of warmth and sunlight […]