The perfect autumn night in

Its official, autumn is on our doorstep so we’re back to darker mornings, colder weather and definitely less motivation to hit the gym! Although your evenings may now be spent hugging a hot water bottle with your cosy socks and cup of tea to hand, it doesn’t mean you can’t get creative with some cosy […]

Top tech savvy ideas for the modern home

Moving into your new home is an exciting yet draining process. Faced with the initial stress of moving in, followed by the piles of boxes and changing your address details (amongst other sensible grown-up jobs), what wouldn’t we give to make life a little bit easier? Don’t fear! To help ease you into the moving […]

A beginner’s guide to upcycling a chair

Upcycling has become quite the phenomenon over the last five years, with many trying their hand at it – from chalk painting to upholstering in the bid to transform an ancient artefact into a brand new chic item. However upcycling fails are common and what’s worse, you’ve wasted money on materials and potentially ruined a […]

Colour consideration when decorating

Doing a spot of decorating and not sure which colour scheme to choose? Picking the right colour is more important than you might think as it can affect your mood, the entire perception of the room and create the overall ambiance. So before you settle for magnolia, check out our top colours to consider before […]

Baby rooms on a budget

Having a baby is expensive – there’s no denying it. Once you’ve gotten over the initial shock of the next few years being packed with dirty nappies, annoying kids’ TV and projectile vomiting, the biggest concern is cost. But don’t worry, from furniture to décor, read on and begin to save those precious pennies before […]

Tips to Help Maximise the Space in your First Home

When you move into your first home, especially if it is a modern build, chances are you won’t have huge amounts of space going spare.  First properties tend to be small and compact and you may even be sharing, so making the absolute most of the room you have is essential. Fortunately, there are some […]

Transform your spare room into a smart and inspiring home office

  Whether you’re self-employed and work from home every day, or you spend the odd afternoon locked away working on your top-secret side project, a comfortable and clutter-free home office is a must.     SOURCE: LOVETHESIGN   You’ll never do your best work sat in your ‘spare room’ if it’s a boring space full […]

Spotlight on Victorian Style

As the nights become darker as we ease into winter, we at First Home News are becoming obsessed with the gothic yet cosy feel of Victorian design. With the industrial revolution in full swing and mass production becoming readily available to an increasing number of Victorian home owners, this stunning and exciting time introduced a […]