Stain removal in your home

Stain removal in your home

When utilised in a room correctly, many rugs add a real depth and, in most cases, can project a feel of expense on a room.  When mud and dirt mingle into a rug, however, in the general wear and tear of everyday life, it can destroy the appearance and texture of the item. A dirty or worn looking rug doesn’t exude an attractive feel, and as a result, cleaning and removing everyday stains is a part of domestic cleaning.


Why removing stains from a rug is so important in domestic cleaning

Rugs are like any other product. When they are cleaned and cared for, they will be a real mainstay in your home. When they aren’t, and the everyday wear and tear of home life gets the better of them, their lifespan will significantly shorten. It is virtually impossible for a rug not to come into contact with dirt. The consequence of this is that over time, the dirt will destroy the fibres within the rug. In the worst cases, if the rug is not cleaned, mildew can set in, effectively destroying the product. This is the reason why removing stains from a rug is so important in domestic cleaning, to maintain the feeling of newness and ensure you get maximum lifespan out of your product.


Using the right tools to tackle the stain

When it comes to cleaning stains, it’s important to blot the rug before any stains dry. Rubbing a stain as opposed to blotting will only make the stain worse. It is also important to use a dish cloth or a microfibre cloth to tackle the stain in the rug. These types of cloths won’t break up when dampened by water.


Removing stains from rugs

There are a variety of different ways to remove stains from a rug. The way to tackle the stain often depends has caused the produce to become marked. One simple starting point is to remove the stain using a mixture of washing up liquid and water.  To do this, simply create a mixture comprising of one teaspoon of washing up liquid, some warm water and a teaspoon of white vinegar. Using a dish cloth, place the mixture onto the rug stain. This mixture is good for removing stains caused by a drinks spillage, such as alcohol and tea.


Removing the stain using white vinegar

The process of removing a stain using white vinegar is to try and blot the stain first. After that, place some white vinegar on the stain, before rinsing the stain with warm water. This tip is ideal for spillages such as fruit juices and milk.


Dealing with pet stains

If you’re a pet owner, we all know that from time to time, they’re going to create a real mess in your home. Pets aren’t always the cleanest of home inhabitants, so it’s good to get into the practice of cleaning items like your rugs on a schedule.  Whilst everyday dirt can easily be cleaned, from time to time, you might have to deal with larger and tougher stains. With tougher stains, it is probably a better idea to take the rug to a professional cleaner for a thorough once over.

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Combining modern and vintage style to work in your home

Combining modern and vintage style to work in your home

Fashion is brilliant; it is almost like a list of pre-set rules that enable just about anyone to inject some style into their home. With fashion all you need to do is pay attention and have the money available and you can keep up with the latest trends.

Fashion however can also be a nightmare. While keeping up with the latest trends is nothing to be ashamed of, if we all kept up with trends and paid attention to the latest home fashions, our homes would quickly become dull. While it’s all well and good looking to the latest modern design, it can quickly become boring if done to death and seen everywhere.

One way to remedy this is by teaming up new items with items from the past. This doesn’t mean having completely vintage inspired interior design, nor does it mean having completely modern inspired design. Instead it is a combination of the two. For every modern feature you add to your home, why not add something vintage to compliment it?

To get you started here we have put together a few suggestions of modern pieces and vintage pieces which work together spectacularly well…

Contemporary, geometric rugs paired with reclaimed hardwood flooring

When you think of reclaimed hardwood flooring you probably picture it in a rustic, country home setting, not in a modern, urban environment. This needn’t be the case however. Why not mix things up and add flooring of this type to your more modern home? By adding contemporary rugs that are usually reserved for modern interiors to this flooring, you can create the perfect balance of old and new.

Victorian door knobs and oak panelled doors

No longer do internal doors come in a one-design fits all option. Today, there are all kinds of striking options available with an emphasis on attention to detail. These options which feature wonderful designs and patterns, are the perfect way to add high-end design at every detail in a modern house. To compliment these, why not add an item featuring superb attention to detail from the past? Hand-turned, artisan pieces, Victorian door knobs were designed to be a focal point of interiors in years gone by and will perfectly compliment such doors. By combining them you will take two items from different eras and create something filled with detail.

Glass topped dining tables with shaker style chairs

Why not team a clean, minimalist and ultra-modern glass-topped dining table with contrasting, solid oak wood shaker style chairs? Again combining two eras, this will create a quirky and striking look that will add stand-out style to your dining room.  If you’re not a fan of mismatching furniture, consider choosing a glass-topped table with white legs and pairing this with shaker-style chairs which have been painted or stained to match.

Welsh dressers with modern accessories

Think of a farmhouse kitchen and what are the images that come to mind? Natural stone floor, an Aga and an abundance of pots and pans? Probably all of the above, plus a Welsh Dresser right? No farmhouse kitchen is complete without a Welsh Dresser. Welsh Dressers aren’t just for farmhouse kitchens though; they are great in kitchens just about anywhere. To make one work in your kitchen, why not utilise one with modern accessories? Instead of the usual vintage style crockery, pots and pans, why not display the most contemporary accessories you can think of? Consider using one to display such items as modern plates, bowls and cups, stainless steel vases, glass candle-holders and sculptured desk lamps.


CC image used courtesy of French Finds

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Reducing new home clutter through storage
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Reducing new home clutter through storage

It’s often looked upon as a highly unorganised and dysfunctional time, however when moving home, it’s  the perfect opportunity to have a thorough sort through your possessions. Moving your life from one house to another doesn’t mean that you have to move your clutter along with you. Whilst it’s the perfect opportunity to have a good clean out, not all unwanted items need to be thrown away though, as some pieces might just not fit with the style of your home, or could have other sentimental value. Rather than filling your storage space in the new home with items that you don’t need, storage is a great way of retaining items but keeping your house free of tat. Although self storage might seem like the best option, here is our advice on making sure your prized possessions are safe in the hands of professionals.


For our storage we comprehensively insure your goods for up to £50,000 as part of the price – it’s that simple. Using self-storage companies, they often expect you to pay further costs to insure your goods. Even if you use a company that allows you to insure your own goods, it’s a pricey process, and before you know it, the cost could go through the roof.

The ‘loft’ analogy

We’re all guilty of it, hoarding items in the loft only to come back across it years later having forgotten it existed. Having peace of mind that all your items are secure and close to hand is something that Robinsons can offer, with nationwide storage locations, you can de-clutter some of the objects you don’t need in your home, whilst keeping them close by should you want to access them at short notice.


Each of our storage centres

are security alarmed, making sure that all of your goods are as secure as can be. Each location is also clean, dry and free from pests with regular control checks. Each facility has its own fully automatic fire detection and reporting systems for additional peace of mind.

Accessing your goods

Should you need to access your goods, you are welcome to view or collect items at any time during normal office hours. If you want to remove items from storage, that isn’t a problem, we can even arrange return delivery and unpacking at a time that suits you!

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10 easy ways to update your bathroom in a weekend

10 easy ways to update your bathroom in a weekend

A dingy and outdated bathroom can make your morning routine even harder to face. But not to fear – there are simple ways to refresh your bathroom over a weekend.

Here are 10 of the best easy bathroom updates:

Utilise Wall Space

If your bathroom work surfaces look unkempt and untidy with all kinds of hair and beauty products sprawled across them, make the most of any available wall space by turning it into a storage option. Simple spice racks nailed to the wall can be used to organise all bottles and containers.

Create a Colourful Magnet Board

A colourful magnet board, can revolutionise how you store your make up and beauty products. Made mostly out of old household items, the magnet board minimises the space used and makes it simpler to find whatever product you need before leaving the house.

Promote Light and Space

This tip is particularly helpful for homes with small bathrooms which feel cramped. Promote the sense of natural light in the room to help build a sense of wellbeing. Whilst installing a larger window may be more than a weekend’s work, a large feature mirror can help improve the distribution of light reflected throughout the room.

Install Towel Racks on the Door

Rather than having a basket with towels in or a cumbersome towel rack, install a towel rack on the back of the bathroom door to free up space. The average door can fit three singe racks on. Hang different coloured, vibrant towels on each of the racks so family members know which are their towels, and add extra colour to the room.

Clean with Fruit

Cleaning the bathroom does not need to be a long, drawn-out process utilising a lot of expensive cleaning products. Many cleaning jobs in the bathroom can be completed using fruit, which adds both a sparkle and lovely smell to the room. Half a grapefruit can be used to clean the bath, sink, toilets and surfaces. Simply dampen the surface of the bath et al and scrub down with half a grapefruit, sprinkled with a ¼ cup of salt. In a similar manner, lemons can be used to clean shower doors.

Update the Smaller Features

Rather than uprooting all your bathroom furnishings and plumbing, you can give the current fittings a makeover. John Louis Bathrooms stock a range of taps which can be fitted onto sinks or bathtubs to update and improve their appearance with minimal effort. Replacing a tap can take as a little as an hour to complete.

Cleaning Tiles

Floor and wall tiles in bathrooms are often the features which show the evidence of ageing first. Damp, mould and stains can start to manifest in the bathroom, creating a grossly unattractive appearance. It can be tempting to remove and replace these tiles, but simply giving them a thorough clean can be just as effective. Cleanipedia offers a comprehensive guide on how to make your bathroom look like new with clean tiles.

Add a Magnetic Strip for Hard to Find Items

If you find you’re always losing nail files, nail clippers, bobby pins and tweezers, this simple addition can keep them all neatly stored and easy to find. Simply add a magnetic strip to a wall or cabinet in the bathroom and all of these items can be simply attached, keeping them organised and at hand at all times.

Magazine Rack Hair Straightener Storage

Rather than leaving hair straighteners and dryers lying around looking untidy, a magazine rack attached to the inside door of a cabinet can store these items neatly and effortlessly. Using a strong glue (depending on the material of your cabinets) stick the largest side of the rack to the inside of the door for quick and simple access.

Personal Toothbrush Holder

Rather than throwing your toothbrush carelessly on the side after use. These innovative toothbrush holder designs from Domesblissity are quirky and attractive additions to the bathroom. Many of the designs won’t take very long to complete and you can even get the kids involved, adding that extra personality.

Have you recently carried out a bathroom renovation? If so, drop us a comment and let us know your top tips for getting that perfect bathroom.

Photo Credit: Jeremy Levine Design via Compfight cc

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It’s competition time, share your top tips for a chance to win.
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It’s competition time, share your top tips for a chance to win.

It’s the end of the week again, which can only mean one thing here at First Home News…we want to hear your First Home Views! The easy to enter competition gives you the chance to win the fantastic new interior design book, BrightBazaar; the brainchild of world-renowned blogger, Will Taylor.

So it’s time for us to once again turn the spotlight onto you lot – our readers – giving you the chance to share your wealth of house and home advice on a variety of topics.

Summer is still here, which means when the sun is out, we’re making every effort to head outside and entertain family and friends. Hosting weekend dinner parties can be the perfect way to spend time in the sun, relaxing and enjoying the company of those closest to you. So this week, what we want to know is this: ‘When hosting a dinner party, what item or accessory do you bring out to wow your guests?’

To enter, just leave your top recipe in a comment below this article. We’ll be announcing the winner on Monday. Good luck!

Bright Bazaar has an RRP of £25, and is available from Amazon. The book explores specific colour palettes for every room in your home to give you the confidence, knowledge and inspiration to get your colour choices right first time. Packed with personality and heart, playful but informative, engaging but practical, Bright Bazaar is brimming with ideas that work.

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Room arrangement and design mistakes

Room arrangement and design mistakes

Style is a personal preference, and what looks incredible in the eyes of one person might have the opposite effect on someone else. Despite being an entirely subjective premise however, there are some mistakes when it comes to design that are relatively set in stone. The good news is some of them can easily be fixed if you have the knowledge and appropriate skills to put it right.

As a homeowner, you’ll find that renovations and home improvements are always a consideration at the back of your mind. Keeping your home clean is important, however, there will be times when, even after a thorough clean, you’re not overly impressed with the freshness of the space.

If you’re looking to carry out some home improvements, make sure you check out our top three mistakes that home owners make when redesigning an area of the home.


Too Much Clutter

When you move into a new house, it’s inevitable that you’ll attempt to transfer all your existing possessions into the new space, however too many decorations and leads to a cluttered and untidy look. When moving into a new home and doing your initial decorating, remember that the fewer items you have, the more spacious your house will look. If you manage to keep the clutter under control, you’ll make your place better looking, as it’ll have a more clean, crisp and smart look.

One way to fix the clutter problem is to consider which items you can deal without. Prior to moving, make sure you have a good sweep and discard any items you no longer need or want. Make sure you take a ruthless approach to clearing shop, as keeping something due to sentimental value is a real hoarding trait; the last thing you want to do it empty out old rubbish from the back of your wardrobes in the old place, and transfer it  straight to your new home.


Bad Furniture Arrangement

Sometimes a living room may look small because of how you have arranged the furniture in the room, as it’s easy to poorly utilise the space of a room, resulting in your space being confined.  Furniture plays an important role for the appearance of a room. If there are too many furnishings, the place will undoubtedly look cramped and cluttered. Similarly, it’s important to place your items in a way which creates a good flow; whilst it might not sound like much, making sure you get positions and angles right can be one major factor in creating a homely space.

If you don’t like the way your room feels, it’s easy to correct with a movement of furniture. It can often be an exercise in trial and error, as what works for someone else might not necessarily work for you.


Poor Lighting

It might sound simple, however lighting arrangements play a drastic role in the feel of your room. Again, angles play an important role, as does getting your spacing correct. If you have a statement piece of art, or decoration in a room, make it a focal point through the use of inventive lighting. Make sure you utilise any natural light sources available to you, as a dark and dingy room through the day won’t have a good feel and ambiance.  Sometimes you may simply need more lighting. It provides a more spacious feel and can often be a simple fix. Lamps are a great accessory and can help add another dimension to your rooms.


The article is written on behalf of TidyCleaning N1

Photo Credit: marcp_dmoz via Compfight cc

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How to hold the perfect garden party
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How to hold the perfect garden party

Thanks to Nicola Peterson for the creation of her article exclusively for First Home News. 

Precision and planning are two key elements when it comes to holding the ultimate summer get-together. Entertaining friends and family at home can be a great way to celebrate the warmer months. The smell of hot coals and the feeling of the sun beaming down – no one can refuse an invite to a summer garden party. Make it a summer to remember this year by gathering your nearest and dearest for a perfect BBQ shin-dig.


Preparations should begin the night before your garden party. You should ensure that the coal for the BBQ is kept in a secure, dry environment. Failure to do so will only dampen the mood when you realise your fuel isn’t fit for use. A gas-burning BBQ would eliminate this extra preparation, but you would need to purchase a gas canister and safely connect it to your grill.

You could even decorate your garden for the summer celebrations. For a quirky British summer vibe, adorn your fence with bunting and streamers to really evoke a feeling of nostalgic street parties of yesteryear.

Food & friends

Forget the charcoal-tainted bangers of last summer, the food you serve at your next BBQ will set the benchmark for future friends’ and relatives’ endeavours. Don’t just blindly grab your apron and get going with whatever meat you could find on offer, plan your menu and offer your guests some options. A BBQ may be a carnivore’s dream, but by adding light salads of couscous and mixed leaves, your guests can take a break from the heavy onslaught of meat.

You could really get the party flowing by creating your own cocktails. Pimms may be the epitome of the Great British summer, but you can add a much more personal touch with a big bowl of homemade punch. Nothing says summer like a refreshing fruity beverage to quench your thirst under the sun.

Practicalities of your party

Although the sunshine is glorious, you’ll need to provide some respite for your guests. Parasols and marquees can offer some much needed shade when the sun is beating down. If any party-goers have forgotten their sun lotion, they’ll need some other form of protection from the relentless rays. You could also leave your kitchen or conservatory doors open to allow people to hide away from the sun if necessary.

When accommodating extra guests, the ‘spare chairs’ just won’t do. Make sure you have outdoor furniture that can stand up against the elements and is in keeping with the style of your garden. Go for lightweight outdoor furniture that gives you the freedom to rearrange sections during your party.

Let’s get out there and make the most of the summer we’ve got left. Great company and great food is all you need to make your party a success, so let’s reclaim our gardens and get cooking. If you think of yourself as a bit of a summer party expert, make sure you comment below, and inform us and your fellow readers of your top tips!


Creative commons image sourced on Google Images from Wikimedia Commons

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Common rookie DIY mistakes and how to avoid them
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Common rookie DIY mistakes and how to avoid them

You watch one YouTube tutorial and it all seems to make sense; you can fix that busted pipe or you can build that bookcase no problem. The reality is however, you’ll probably end up flooding your home or less calamitously, with wonky shelves. Here are the 5 mistakes most commonly made by rookies and how you can avoid falling into their trap.

Failing to Get a Building Permit

Different cities and authorities have different levels of leniency when it comes to DIY projects and building regulations, but you should always get a building permit just to be on the safe side. If you’re building a sizeable structure or extending your home and fail to get a permit, the local authority can close your project at will.

How to Avoid this Rookie Mistake: Quite simply consult your local authority and seek building regulations approval.


Starting the Job without the Correct Supplies

Even when you have suddenly been struck with a bolt of inspiration and want to get to work immediately, it is important that you source all of the correct supplies before beginning the project. Having to make multiple trips to attain all of the supplies as and when you need them will only slow down the process and impinge upon the project. This is particularly pertinent in projects that change the structure of a building, such as the replacement of any doors. If you remove the doors and chuck them in a skip before finishing the replacement doors, you might have a big hole in the front of your home for an unforeseen amount of time.

How to Avoid this Rookie Mistake: Fill out a DIY Checklist.


Relaxed Atmosphere, Relaxed Attitude Towards Safety. There is a worrying attitude that safety equipment is just there to satisfy health and safety inspectors and foreman paranoia. However, safety equipment plays a very serious role in both large scale construction sites and small DIY projects alike. Whether it is goggles protecting your eyes from welding sparks or protective gloves, stopping you chopping fingers off; if you are working with sharp, heavy or dangerous tools and supplies, it is important to protect yourself and any people you have brought over to help you out.

How to Avoid this Rookie Mistake: Consider all of the possible dangers you may encounter on the site and seek the correct safety items. Manchester Safety Services stocks a large selection of safety equipment items for a wide range of construction and DIY jobs.


Wonky Shelving A job well done can quickly become undone if measurements are slightly off. Even a few degrees off centre and a bookshelf can be completely ruined with books, DVDs and picture frames sliding to one end of the new build. This can be both unsightly and impractical, especially when priceless Ming Vases are involved.

How to Avoid this Rookie Mistake: Don’t skimp on a spirit level. Invest in a spirit level from a trusted brand and learn how to use it properly.


Incorrect Paint Preparation Painting walls may seem like the simplest of all the DIY tasks, so much so that it often takes place as part of a painting party involving beer, buffets and a little bit of graft. However, there are a myriad of problems encountered by painters as they attempt to give a room a new lease of life and freshen things up. Many people seem to think the only consideration that needs to be taken into account when choosing paint is the colour. However, it is necessary to consider the surface of the painted area as some paints are ill fitted for use of certain surfaces. If you are stripping wallpaper, then painting, it is important to check the surface behind the paper before committing to a type of paint. Secondly, painting a wall is not a simple case of slathering on the paint. The surface needs to be prepared sufficiently so it is flat and receptive to the paint. This means painstakingly removing all wallpaper and filling in any gaps. And finally, it is vital that all areas around the painted surfaces are protected from the paint. This means that all floors and furnishings must be covered before work commences, lest paint splatter everywhere. Furthermore, pets and children must be kept away to safeguard against unwanted hand and paw prints. Sufficient drying time needs to be allowed before people can enter the room again to protect against unfortunate smudging accidents.

How to Avoid this Rookie Mistake: Research, prepare, be careful.


Are you a DIY god or do you struggle with the simplest of tasks? Let us know your top tips, or the story of your recent DIY attempts below!

Photo Credit: jef safi via Compfight cc

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Conservatory customisation for the summer
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Conservatory customisation for the summer

They’re a great home addition all year round, allowing you to truly feel the elements of your garden whilst being within the comfort of your home, however in the summer, a conservatory really comes into its own. A haven in which you can enjoy the radiant sunshine, catch a cool breeze as it drifts through open patio doors and retire to when the night draws in, conservatories are the ideal summer home addition. Making sure your conservatory is summer ready isn’t a big deal, however adding a few seasonal touches will allow the room to be the perfect area for summer entertaining.


A conservatory provides an entirely different feel from any other room in the house. Something that looks perfect in the living room is highly unlikely to sit well in a conservatory, especially when considering large furnishing items such as sofas and coffee tables. When it comes to these items in the conservatory, nothing does it better than wicker. The natural feel of the wood, combined with the shapes, comfy cushions and style just work in the light filled, summery feeling area.


The concept of utilising season-right colours can be applied to any room in the house, however it’s vitally important that through the summer months, you get it spot on in your conservatory. Whilst you might not have considered the impact your colour scheme through the winter, when the area wasn’t getting much use, once the temperatures rise and the sun comes out, the colour scheme is a crucial aspect of the home. It is useful to keep white or cream as your base colour which you can then accessorize around depending on your preference. Light shades are ideal for summer, allowing the room to stay cooler even when the glaring sun is out.

Keep it natural

Whilst it’s an extension of your home, a conservatory should also be seen as a transitional area from house to garden. Incorporate elements of nature into your conservatory which will help to aid the room’s purpose as an indoor/outdoor living space. On warm summer days in the garden, or evenings entertaining guests, it’s great to open the double patio doors from a conservatory or orangery and allow guests to move freely from garden to home. Integrate natural elements such as plants and flowers in the room in a more predominant way than you would in any other area of your house. The warmer nature of the room means greenery will thrive, and they also serve a practical purpose too, purifying the air and removing toxins, as well as adding a new depth to the room.


The light and airy feel of a transitional conservatory space means you can truly get expressive with your wall and sill decorations. This is an element of furnishing where you can really hit home the feeling that your conservatory is an extension of your garden, as well as being an extension of your home. Incorporating natural elements into the decor can be a great way to do this, wood and natural stone look great in a conservatory, to try to utilise these materials when it comes to furniture and accessories.


Are you the proud owner of a conservatory or orangery in your home? We’d love to hear your top decorating tips, so make sure you tell us your favourite summer updates in the comments section below.

Photo Credit: David Paul Ohmer via Compfight cc

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Five tips for a summer revamp

Five tips for a summer revamp

Giving your home a summery feel without having a complete overall and redecoration can be tough, however it is possible to encapsulate that feel of the summer in just a few easy steps. If you’re looking for those perfect soft furnishing updates for the summer, here are our top five picks.


Dark colours for a sofa are undeniably practical, however when the summer comes round, these darker shades aren’t great at generating a light and airy feel to your room. If a new suite isn’t an option, throws and pillows are an easy way to add a summery dimension to your room, whilst not blowing a budget on a new three piece suite. If that simply doesn’t cut it, why not get inventive. Some cushions can be transformed with a slipcover to give an entirely new look. the chances are that your living area will have a more practical and hard wearing sofa, however in areas like a summer conservatory or orangery, seating options should be selected with summer in mind. If you’ve got the wicker and cream seating combination in the conservatory and want to entertain, make the most of this room instead.


Nothing adds more to the summer feel of a room than the view. Whether it’s from a big patio door opening out onto your garden, or a simple window allowing the sun into the room, bringing the outside elements into your home plays a huge role in developing a warm and airy feel to the room. Make sure your view outside is un-obscured, and if it isn’t exactly something you want to showcase, make an effort and get to work on your garden and outdoor decorations. Greenery is always one garden element perfect for utilisation through the summer, both outdoor and indoor. Flowers, plants, and other greenery are perfect conservatory items, and can nicely fill those empty window ledges.


If you’ve put in the work to transform your garden from an overgrown winter nightmare into a trim summer haven, then you have every right to showcase it to your home. In order to host and entertain outdoors, turn your patio area into an extension of your home. Perfect for hosting dinner parties which allow people to mingle from the inside to out, an outdoor dining table will help you bring the summer to your home in style. Whether it’s something wooden you’re after to fit in with decking, or something contemporary like this to sit on a paved area, introducing an outdoor entertaining area can help lure visitors from the living room, out into your new garden.

Colour scheme

It’s the simplest and easiest way to give a room a completely new feel, so grab your brush and head to the Dulux website and scout out your ideal summer colour. It might seem like a big job, but giving your walls a quick coat of paint is a relatively straight forward task. Light, bright and airy are the key features of a summer home, so opting for a crisp white, ocean blue or similar summery tone is a great way to transform a room. If you’re after colour ideas, here are our best summer selections.

Is your home a summer haven? If so, what quick tips and touch ups would you recommend for bringing those long summer days into your home? Be sure to let us know below.
Photo Credit: WanderingtheWorld ( via Compfight cc

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