Home touches for the ultimate spring feel

We might still be in February, but to the optimistic amongst us, Spring is just around the corner. With the warmer days  hopefully soon arriving on the horizon, despite cold temperatures, the sunshine is just beginning to peek through the clearing clouds. It’s never too early to shake off the misery of winter and implement spring into […]

Coping with your winter garden

This winter it’s time to make that extra effort and ensure your garden stays in pristine condition, and doesn’t take on the dishevelled look of most outside areas through the winter. You can probably think of more appealing ways to spend your free time than being out working in the cold, however maintaining your garden in winter will […]

Preparing your garden for the changing seasons

Over the last few days in the UK you will have noticed the temperature swiftly dropping. All of this talk of Indian Summers and autumn heatwaves is long gone, and winter is definitely on its way. Winter isn’t the best time to be outside, but unfortunately if you want your garden to be looking it’s […]

How to prepare your driveway for winter

If you live in a cold weather environment, you know how quickly the harsh winter ice and snow can damage a driveway. It seems as though new cracks and chips appear every winter, making maintaining your driveway a frustrating task. After a few years of heavy snowfall, you could end up in a situation where […]

Top patio paving for your new garden

Paving as a concept can be seen as a gorgeous and valuable addition to any back garden, however you can really boost its effect by choosing the correct pattern to correspond with the style of your garden and home. There are many different paving patterns to choose from, some of which really stand out. Here are the our top picks. 

Patio cleaning in 5 easy steps

The patio area of your garden is a place where you entertain and gets a lot of attention. Ensuring that the surfaces are clean and well maintained is crucial, even heading into the autumn months. In Britain, the up and down weather means that there is only really a small period where you will be […]

Making the most of a small garden space

Whether your garden is in a cramped and enclosed space, an unorthodox and constricting space, or even just a standard small back yard, there are plenty of relatively minor things you can do to get it looking great. Before rushing into buying garden furniture and plants, planning out the space in your small garden is […]

Gardening for beginners: Buying a greenhouse

There are many factors that you need to take into consideration before you go out and buy yourself a greenhouse. Before you do any measuring in your garden you need to choose what type of greenhouse you need. This article covers the most popular choices of greenhouse and which one is best suited for you. […]

15 simple gardening tricks for summer

You don’t need a green thumb to have a vibrant, plentiful garden. Rather, you just need to know a few simple tricks of the trade. Whether you’re planting a garden looking to be environmentally friendly, trying to save some money, or just want to enjoy the romantic notion of a quaint garden try these helpful […]