Beginners guide to greenhouse buying

With the weather picking up and spring in the air, we can all finally journey out of our house into the garden once the weekend gets here. Not everyone enjoys getting their hands dirty in the compost, however, if you’re looking to start growing your own plants, flowers and produce over the summer, you need […]

Enjoy a pergola this summer

Believe it or not, summer is just around the corner and the long days and warm evenings are just a few months away. If you want to get your garden in top shape, and fancy creating a relaxing area to enjoy the summer heat, then a pergola is a great option. If you fancy yourself […]

New Home, New Garden

Michelle is the writer of  Veg Plotting, where she blogs about her small town garden, seasonal food and anything else which strikes her whilst up at her allotment. She is a freelance writer from Chippenham, Wiltshire. Her last two homes have been new builds where she has designed the gardens from scratch. Her latest is on […]

Composting on a budget

First Home News would like to thank Sarah for writing this blog post exclusively for us. Sarah is the writer of The Compost Bin blog.  She is a freelance environmental educator/writer who grows her organic produce and makes a lot of compost. Sarah and her family try their best to live a more self-reliant lifestyle, growing and making […]

Beginners guide: Growing your own fruit and vegetables

You’ve moved into your new place, everything is settled and you’re happy with your rooms and furniture. All you now need is to spruce up that garden to give you a better view out of the window on a morning. If you have plenty of garden space, why not use some soil space to grow […]

Prepare your garden for the winter months

You worked hard all spring and summer getting your garden looking pristine, but with winter settling in complete with the short days and icy nights, it’s time to let go and prepare your garden for the months ahead. Clear out Obviously, your plants are no longer alive due to the lack of warmth and sunlight […]

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