Thrifty ways to turn your first house into a home

First Home News would like to thank Becky Goddard-Hill for writing this blog post exclusively for us. Becky is the writer of the Family Budgeting blog.  She set up this site to share her ideas for living creatively as a family on a budget.    When you move into your first home there will be a temptation to spend lots […]

Prepare the home for a New Years Eve party

If you no longer find interest in heading to the nearest city and bringing in the New Year with an expensive night out, then hosting your own party for friends and family is a stellar option. If you’re looking to spruce up your home decor in preparation for the big night, look no further. Tableware […]

Christmas tableware

To some, the Christmas dinner is the focal point of the big day. To others however, preparing a huge dinner for a large family, along with the other rigours of the day and being constantly scrutinised by your guests is just one big nightmare. It might not be something you’re instantly worried about, but creating […]

Make the most of your bijou kitchen

As much as we’d all love the luxury of a vast spacious kitchen that gives us plenty of space for preparation, storage and cooking, it can’t always be a reality. If your kitchen is more pokey than palatial then follow these easy tips to work your way around a small space. Utilise the full height […]

Three tips for updating your conservatory

With the cold months now settling in, you might find yourself using your conservatory less and less, due to its poor heat retention. While the appeal of a conservatory in summer is obvious – lazing in it and admiring the garden through dappled sunshine – as soon as the weather changes, your view becomes dominated […]

Wooden log burners: Why you need one

Over recent years, sales in log burning stoves have been roaring. Not only do they help to save you money in the long run, but they provide a true sense of character to any room in which you want one. Through the cold winter months, they provide unrivalled heat at a low cost, and add […]

Hallway Touches

When entering your house, the hallway is often the first area any visitors will see. You don’t need to spend a fortune on furniture, as a hall is often only used as a walk through, however your guests will immediately build up an idea of your taste based on the care and attention you’ve given […]

How to create the ultimate family bathroom

Bathrooms aren’t the most stylish of rooms, and often don’t showcase the greatest of personal style when it comes to decoration. Everyone loves to accessorise when it comes to a living area, but for many, the bathroom is a place in which you only require the essentials. If you’ve got a young family, or are […]

How to update your kitchen on a budget

We all dream about installing brand new kitchen fittings complete with state-of-the-art appliances, and designer fabrics; but the reality is that after purchasing your first home a total room revamp is often far too costly.  However First Home News has come to the rescue by providing you with our top tips to updating your kitchen […]

To Wallpaper or Not to Wallpaper?

The colour or pattern of the walls in your home may not seem like a huge decision, but each tone and style adds a whole new feel to a room. From a dark, enclosed room to a light, airy and spacious one, how you decorate your walls is all down to personal preference. Obviously the final […]