The minimalist approach

The past few years have seen the hipster look break out of its Shoreditch birth place and become the favoured look for the trendy youth of today. Edgy, hip and effortlessly cool, this style has spread across the world from Manchester to San Francisco and the best thing about it? It’s a low cost way […]

The perfect autumn night in

Its official, autumn is on our doorstep so we’re back to darker mornings, colder weather and definitely less motivation to hit the gym! Although your evenings may now be spent hugging a hot water bottle with your cosy socks and cup of tea to hand, it doesn’t mean you can’t get creative with some cosy […]

A look at next year’s home trends

Fashion isn’t just a problem for the contents of your wardrobe. It has an effect on anything and everything – even your house. We’re now more than half way through 2016, and next year doesn’t seem so far away. Whether you’ve been in your home a little while or you’re still waiting to get over […]

Top tech savvy ideas for the modern home

Moving into your new home is an exciting yet draining process. Faced with the initial stress of moving in, followed by the piles of boxes and changing your address details (amongst other sensible grown-up jobs), what wouldn’t we give to make life a little bit easier? Don’t fear! To help ease you into the moving […]

Baby to toddler: How to revamp your baby’s room

There’s nothing as special as welcoming a new born baby into your home. But babies grow quickly and in the blink of an eye, your little bundle of joy won’t be so little anymore. You’ll want to make sure your baby’s bedroom transforms as they do…and here’s how. Cot vs bed Turning your baby’s cot […]

Bringing Valentine’s Day into your home

As January draws to a close, the detox is already out of the window and the bright lights of Christmas seem a distant memory, it’s time to turn our attention to the next big annual event – Valentine’s Day. With the card shops already filling up with schmaltzy stock, and restaurants shout about their romantic […]

Tips to Help Maximise the Space in your First Home

When you move into your first home, especially if it is a modern build, chances are you won’t have huge amounts of space going spare.  First properties tend to be small and compact and you may even be sharing, so making the absolute most of the room you have is essential. Fortunately, there are some […]

4 ways to incorporate Scandinavian furniture into your interior design

Scandinavian design is born out of the belief that everyone should be able to afford furniture that has a fine balance between aesthetic and practicality. The belief every home should have affordable beautifully designed furniture. Here are four ways which you can incorporate Scandinavian furniture into the interior design of your own home. 1) Meeting […]