Brexit and the property market

The EU referendum ended in Britain leaving the European Union- now known as Brexit. Although many seemed outraged by the result, months on we are now able to analyse how the result has effected the property market. How has Brexit effected the property market? Despite all the worry and controversy surrounding Brexit, new research has […]

House buying jargon buster

The process of buying your first home is exciting, stressful, liberating – and all too often, utterly confusing! From estate agents to lawyers, all you seem to encounter is a baffling world of legal house buying jargon. But never fear, our house buying jargon buster is here to help you navigate the choppy waters of […]

Shared ownership – is it for you?

It was revealed this week that the cost of homes bought by first time buyers in the UK rose by a jaw dropping 10 per cent (£16,000) in the last year. It’s fair to say that salaries haven’t increased by anything close to this amount – so what should you do if you’re buying your […]

A deposit doesn’t have to be a distant dream

The media love to talk about it, we all have something to say about it, our wages don’t seem to cover it, and the amount to save just keeps rising. Yes, we can only be talking about the dreaded deposit required to buy your first home. Saving enough money is one of the biggest challenges […]

Understanding Stamp Duty

You hardly need reminding that it’s tough to to be a first time buyer. But one problem – and it just happens to be Britain’s oldest tax – has become easier. This is of course Stamp duty, originating in the 17th century and imposed to cover the cost of registering a change in ownership at […]

How to make yourself more attractive to lenders

Getting your first mortgage is an exciting yet daunting journey; many people discover that the road to home ownership is more like climbing a mountain than taking a gentle stroll. With obstacles such as large deposits and rising house prices (to name but a few), we’ve compiled some handy advice on how to make yourself, […]

Five mistakes First Home Buyers make and how to avoid them

The day you buy your first home will most probably be one of the biggest (and most expensive!) achievements in your life, and is usually finalised after years of careful planning and saving.  However, after enduring rental prices and magnolia walls for most of your adult life, it’s easy to feel the urge to rush […]