Five ways the budget affects the first time buyer

The last budget has now passed before the 2015 general election and this is the time to gain support for what is promised to be an exciting few weeks in the world of politics. But what does this budget mean for the first time buyer? Below are five reasons why the budget is looking after […]

Money tips for beginners

If you’re taking the first steps in the home buying process, finance is one area in which you’ll be needing some guidance. When it comes to money management, we’re no experts – that’s what your bank or financial advisor is for; however what we are capable of doing is pointing you in the right direction […]

The Starter Home Scheme

A new scheme, aimed at enticing first-time buyers onto the property ladder has kicked-off this week, with potential new homeowners being being offered a 20% discount on their new home. The Starter Home initiative will see 200,000 new homes built for first-time buyers under the age of 40, with a 20% discount being made possible […]

Stamping down on stamp duty

As you enter the house buying process, you’ll no doubt be tightly managing your finances. With a number of costs and taxes to account for, you could be forgiven for losing track. One recent alteration to the fees you’ll pay when purchasing a new house relates to stamp duty.   In 1997, Gordon Brown revised the […]

Top 7 blogs for financial advice

Buying your first home is exciting, but  can be equally as nerve wracking. It is a major decision which requires a lot of research, planning and most importantly; financial budgeting. Once you have raised afunds for your deposit, you may be left struggling financially; however by finding ways to make a little extra money, starting […]

The home buying process explained

If you’re looking to purchase your first home, it’s a daunting time. The home buying process can be complicated, so heading into it with no prior knowledge is scary. In order to relieve the worry, we’re here to provide a definite guide to the process, perfect for those taking the plunge for the first time. […]

Three step guide to mortgage research

To many, taking the plunge and grabbing onto that first rung of the home buying ladder is a big and extremely scary step. One of the most important plunges in life can be securing a mortgage, as it’s not something that you’ll forget about, and will inevitably lead to years of repayments. Whilst is can […]

Avoiding mistakes as a new home owner

First-time homebuyers may not have the burden of a house to sell in difficult times, but they can still make a lot of mistakes during the buying process. Leaving Financial Planning for Later There are a lot of online calculators and tools to help you determine how much you can truly afford before you start […]

Saving tips for new home owners

As a new home owner, finances are sure to play a large part in your life at the minute. From worrying about outgoings when working on your new home, to stressing over the best means of saving your cash, money worries are a common problem in any household. Identifying the best way to save is […]