Moving In

What is Stamp Duty?

If you’re new to the whole house-buying process then terminology like this can confuse you so much it may even put you off buying a house completely! Luckily for you we’ve simplified what this means so that you can be confident is knowing what Stamp Duty is moving forward. What is stamp duty? Stamp Duty […]

Top tips on moving house this Christmas

It’s finally here! Now that it’s officially December we are allowed to get excited for everyone’s favourite holiday – Christmas! Although, if you’re moving house this season you may be more stressed than excited so we have constructed a few tips that you can use to make moving this holiday much easier, and relaxed. Be […]

Settling into your new home

That’s it, you’ve done it! For the past few years you’ve been saving the pennies, scraping every last baked bean out of the can and filling up your browsing history with online mortgage calculators…it’s all payed off as now you can call yourself a homeowner. Feels good, right but don’t be deterred by any overwhelming […]

Top tips for buying your first home

We’re certain that most new home owners will have a long list of things they wished they’d known before they started the process. With a view to making sure you know what you’re getting into, here are a few of our top tips for buying your first home. Beware unexpected costs – buying a home […]

Living with Mum and Dad – pros and cons

Multi-generational living is becoming all too common these days with many young adults moving back to live with Mum and Dad after university and only saving up enough to move out when in their late 20’s/early 30’s. Despair not as Keepmoat are here to change the lives of all young people itching to move out […]

First thing’s first: Essentials for moving into your new home

You’re finally here. You’ve scrimped and saved, you’ve studied mortgages to know your tracker from your variable, and you’ve become a dab hand at analysing the Bank of England interest rates. You’ve got the keys in your hand, and as you step into your brand new home you think: “This is it! I’ve made it” […]