Redirecting mail from your old home

Redirecting mail from your old home

Moving house can be a hectic time, but receiving your mail at a new address can be sorted easily. With a bit of forward thinking and a few early enquires, redirecting your mail to a new address can be one of the easiest tasks of your big move.

First Home

If you’re a first time buyer on the verge of making the move to your first home, ensuring your mail eventually gets delivered to your new address is important, however isn’t an urgent matter. If you are moving into your first home, it’s highly likely that your previous home will be somewhere with your family. The fact you have someone trustworthy still inhabiting your previous address means it isn’t a disaster if old post continues to be delivered to your old home, as it can be forwarded on manually or collected for times you visit. If this is the case, we’d still advise you contact relevant institutions and inform them of your address change, but you probably don’t need to set up an auto forward with the post office.

Set up a redirect

If you previously owned a home and, as part of your move, have now sold it on, then you’ll need to set up a redirect for your mail. For a permanent move, the Royal Mail offers a number of approaches. Be prepared, and ensure you make your application at least three weeks before your expected moving date -leave it any later and you may be post-less for your first few days at the new address. Next up, you need to complete your application, which can be done either online, by mail or at your local Post Office. The application is simple and can be downloaded from the Royal Mail.  Once you have the application sorted and sent, you’re all set. Any mail addressed for your old home will arrive at your old local office, and then be re-routed first class to your new address – meaning you won’t miss out on any exciting bills that you just couldn’t do without!

If you aren’t satisfied that all your mail is being sent to your new address at the end of your redirection agreement, just extend the process for as long as you need for up to two years, it’s that simple.  Starting at just £21 for the shortest term redirection, the service is not only easy to sort but reasonably priced too, giving you the ultimate peace of mind that you’re getting all your mail.


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Make sure you plan ahead

Forward planning is crucial with any home move, as you’ll need to get in touch with a number of services and institutions and inform them of your address change. Get in touch with the likes of your bank, the DVLA and your telephone/internet suppliers prior to your move and ensure all future correspondence from them heads to your new address. Getting sorted with these early means you’ll then have chance to set up the Royal Mail redirect mentioned above, for any lingering mail that heads to your old home.

With the madness that can surround moving house, this redirection process should give you one less thing to worry about. Remember that you need to get started early when planning to move house, otherwise your move will quickly become a horror show.

If you’ve recently made the transition into a new home and have any tips and advice for your fellow readers, we’d love to hear them. Make sure you leave a comment below!

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Key contacts to inform of your address change
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Key contacts to inform of your address change

A house move is undoubtedly going to be a stressful time and no matter how thoroughly you plan ahead, it’s likely that some jobs will be brushed aside and left until the last minute.  A change of address can be a potential nightmare if just brushed aside, so it pays to ensure you handle this aspect of your home move plenty in advance. Here are our top tips on ensuring your services transition smoothly ahead of your impending address change.

Before moving, you need to make sure that all your service providers are informed you’ll no longer be living at your home. You don’t want to continue being billed for services you’re no longer utilising after having moved, so make sure companies such as your gas, electricity and water providers are all informed of your address change. Likewise, you’ll need to inform your telephone, broadband and satellite TV provider; given enough notice, it may be possible for them to transfer your information and relevant packages to your new home. Don’t leave it too late, however, as it may be the case that the process takes a number of days or weeks to be processed. Plan plenty in advance to ensure your service transition remains smooth.

Finances are a touchy subject for many, however when moving home, it’s vital to ensure everything transitions smoothly in a period where finances may become stretched even further, and you may require immediate access to funds. It’s hugely important that all your bank and credit card companies are kept in the loop regarding your move. The last thing you want is to be declined use of your bank, or for key information and correspondence to  fall into the wrong hands.

Insurance is also an issue when it comes to finances surrounding your move, as many insurance companies will all require to know your change of address. Home insurance is crucial and will need to be transferred to your new address, so be sure to get in touch with your providers in plenty of time. Likewise, it might be smart to look into options for insuring your possessions throughout the move, if you’re undertaking the process yourself.

It might seem fairly obvious, but many people forget to inform government authorities of their move and new address. Agencies such as the DVLA need to be informed as to your change of address for aspects such as correspondence and to sort out an update to your driver’s licence. Other possible authorities you’ll need to get in touch with could be HM Revenue and Customs, the local authorities and any other local councils.

If you’re moving a distance, and you new home is no longer in the same locality, then it’s highly likely that you’ll be needing to switch your local GP and dentist. Contact your dentist and doctor immediately, rather than waiting until you’re in urgent need of their services. It might not be one of the top priorities you have, but once you settle in to your new home, you’ll need to find your new local doctors and dentist.

Before moving into your new Keepmoat home, it’s important that you consider all these areas and contact them to ensure your move goes as smoothly as possible, Be aware of timings, whilst some can be carried out close to the move, or even upon settling in your new place, some will be more urgent and you could even have to carry them out weeks in advance.


Have you recently made the move and experienced an address change? If so, we’d love to hear your thoughts! Let us and your fellow readers know your top tips for keeping the transition as smooth as possible.

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5 ways to sell your home quickly
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5 ways to sell your home quickly

Whether you’re selling a compact inner city apartment or a detached suburban home, you’re going to want to do it fast. While there is something to be said for real estate agents with glowing reputations and lighting fast turnover times, some of the most effective ways to slap a sold sign onto your home are up to you.


Let’s take a look at the top five ways that you can seal a deal, fast.


De-clutter and keep it neutral

It’s likely that you’ve built up a lot of household clutter and personal bits and pieces over the years. While you may consider this sentimental, you want to help potential buyers imagine themselves living in your home. This means it’s time to get rid of any personalised ornaments, photos, posters and other decorative trinkets.


If there are any large pieces of furniture you can live without, put them into storage as this will immediately make rooms seem bigger. Small areas such as the hallway are a great place to start while bathroom and bedroom surfaces should be cleared of all personal products. The kitchen should also be liberated of bulky appliances to make it seem as sleek and spacious as possible.


Consider a bathroom makeover

According to recent research from Remodelling Magazine, a bathroom renovation can add significant value to a house as well as slash the sale time. One of the best ways to give your bathroom a facelift is to upgrade the shower system. Electric showers are a fantastic choice as they are modern, practical and cost effective. For high quality at a great price, the Mira Advance ATL Flex is quite possibly the best electric shower by Mira.


A lick of fresh paint, replacement chrome fittings, new tiling or even re-grouting can also work wonders.


Analyse the market

If you want to be really smart about getting your home sold, take the time to analyse the local market and tailor your space accordingly. For example, if your area is popular with young couples, turn the second bedroom into a study. If families are more prevalent, advertise the spare room as a second bedroom or future nursery.


Enhance garden and curb appeal

If you’ve got a garden or even a communal outdoor courtyard or private balcony, spend a little time making it as appealing as possible. Things as simple as mowing the lawn, trimming the hedges, planting a few flower beds or pot plants and sweeping up leaves can instantly transform the entire feel of the outdoor space. This will make your home far more appealing to potential buyers who will immediately view the outdoor area as extra living space. Sprucing up your home’s curb appeal will also pave the way for positive first impressions that can have a huge impact on the rest of the viewing.


Get the Word Out

Once you’ve prepared your home for viewing, it’s time to get the word out there! Your estate agent should have their own marketing techniques in place however you can help the process along by putting up flyers and posters as well as creating a buzz on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. You never know who could be in the market for a new home!


If you’re looking to move out and are searching for the perfect next place to move your family, check out the range of homes on offer from Keepmoat. If you’re after something small, and perfect as a newcomer to the property ladder, their range of first time homes are perfect options for you to consider. If you’ve simply outgrown your current place, and want something bigger, then why not look into grabbing one of Keepmoat’s brand new homes.


Have you recently made the move into a new Keepmoat home? If you have, and needed to sell your old place before taking on the exciting new move, we’d love to hear your thoughts. Drop us a comment below and inform your fellow readers of any helpful hints and tips you learned along the way…

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Packing your possessions with care

Packing your possessions with care

Whilst you’ll undoubtedly be excited about your new home and impending move, there are plenty of preparations and bits of hard work you’ll need to carry out in advance of your big move. Packing up all your valued possessions when moving somewhere new can be a daunting task, and the last thing you’ll want upon arrival at the new place is a disaster zone of broken and smashed possessions. Although jumping straight in and cracking on with the job might seem like the quickest option, it’s not the wisest option if it results in an assortment of crumpled boxed and smashed possessions.


  • Before jumping in at the deep end and turning the process into a total disaster, it is vital you begin by taking precautionary steps to help ease the process as a whole; you’ll reap the rewards at a later stage.
  • Gather all the materials and supplies you need before you start, from the obvious such as boxes, tape, furniture covers, dust sheets, to the less obvious, like a tape measure to help you really plan your pack. Make sure you have everything you need before beginning the packing process. It’s a real momentum killer to get half way through the chore, only to then realise you need to rush out for more supplies.
  • It’s important to ensure all furniture is given a thorough clean before putting into storage or the removal truck, it saves a job at the other end. The last thing you want is for all the dust and dirt of your old home to be traipsed into the new place.
  • Some wooden furniture will need treating to avoid being damaged en-route. Make sure leather goods and other damage prone items are well secured and protected. Wooden and leather items are pricey, expensive numbers, so you should take every precaution possible to avoid any damage.
  • For glass objects, best practice is to cover with newspaper, drape it with bubble wrap and duct tape it, repeat this numerous times for added protection.
  • Start a log of all the possessions you’re packing. It helps should anything go wrong, and also allows you to know exactly what is still to be unloaded on the other end.
  • With items that are disassembled, you may be left with small screws, put all small objects in a bag along with manuals to make sure you don’t misplace items you need upon unloading.
  • Label up your boxes and belongings which you’ll struggle to identify when it comes to unloading.

Packing tips

  • With important objects that you’ll need immediately when unpacking, start a designated box for them. Make sure you know where the box is packed and is easily accessible, so you can have quick access at your new home.
  • Make sure all fragile or breakable objects are securely wrapped and have plenty of padding to ensure they’re secure for transport. The last thing you need is your favourite vase arriving in pieces.

If you’re looking to escape and plan for that perfect first home, check out the website of the official First Home News sponsor, Keepmoat. The national housing company operates a first time buyer scheme, which builds on the Government’s First Buy scheme, enabling thousands of first time buyers to purchase a new home since it was launched in 2011. Keepmoat has helped customers buy hundreds of new homes under First Buy at a number of its new housing developments across the country, so if you’re searching the market, check out their offerings.

Have you recently moved and were required to hone your packing skills? We all know it can be a tough job, so let us know your best nuggets of help and advice in the comments below…

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