Moving In

The only way is forward

Regardless of where you’re moving to, the trick is always to be one step ahead. In this quick guide, we will set out the simple stages of moving house through our tailor made checklist. Meaning nothing will go missed when moving house. Four weeks before the move: Packing is no laughing matter. But there is […]

Everything you need to know about hiring a removal company

Everything you need to know about hiring a removal company Buying your first home can be full of unexpected costs. Sometimes it can feel like you’re handing over money and getting nothing in return (hello stamp duty), while other expenses can feel like money well spent. When it comes to hiring a reputable removal company […]

House buying jargon buster

The process of buying your first home is exciting, stressful, liberating – and all too often, utterly confusing! From estate agents to lawyers, all you seem to encounter is a baffling world of legal house buying jargon. But never fear, our house buying jargon buster is here to help you navigate the choppy waters of […]

Seven benefits of purchasing a new build property

    Getting on to the first rung of the property ladder is never easy, and many in the situation may feel purchasing a new build property is unrealistic. Yet with government incentives like Help to Buy, a new build is not only obtainable, but has a huge array of benefits. Here’s seven benefits of […]


Many of us have our dream first home in mind, from the style of the exteriors to the colour we’ll put on walls. In reality, we may need to compromise and move into a home which is “almost” what we’ve fantasised about. So, what should you be looking out for when it comes to finding […]

Keepmoat reviews

Our site’s sponsor, and one of the fastest growing housing companies in the UK, Keepmoat, understands the importance of listening to its customers. It has been collating feedback from Keepmoat homeowners across the country, many of which are first time buyers! Here’s what some of these customers had to say about their experiences with the house builder. […]

Seven ways to transform your new build into your new home!

With a glossy finish and modern interiors, new build homes provide a great choice for first time buyers looking to take their first step on the property ladder. However, you’ll still want to add your own personal touches to make your new build a cozy home. We’ve put together these tips to help you turn […]

New home – new social life!

Settling into a new home can be daunting at first and could take a while to get used to. Not only do you have the stresses of moving in, you also have a whole bunch of new neighbours to contend with. But whether you want to be best of friends with your entire town, or […]

Keeping your home safe while you are on holiday

With recent home security research showing that three quarters of Brits know somebody who has been burgled, it seems surprising that only a quarter of us have security alarms fitted to our homes. Even more worrying is that more than a quarter of people admit to leaving their house with the back door unlocked. According to the […]