Moving In

Top tips for moving in winter

Moving home at any point of the year can be a stressful time, however moving over the coming months, as we move towards winter, can throw up a range of tougher problems. Organisation when moving is key, however winter weather conditions can wreak havoc with any pre-made plans. If you’re planning to move in the heart […]

Key contacts for an impending home move

The home moving period is a hectic and busy time, and for many, there will be things which are forgotten or cast aside in the hectic preceding months. In this article, we will examine the key contacts required when moving home, looking into contacting utility suppliers, phone and broadband suppliers, and even local government establishments. […]

Packing tips ahead of moving house

Moving house is always hard. Whether it’s organising belongings, trying to coordinate removal men, or even just getting your keys for the front door, moving day is up there with one of the most stressful days in anybody’s diary. Here are our top tips for making sure that packing for the big day is as easy […]

Reducing new home clutter through storage

It’s often looked upon as a highly unorganised and dysfunctional time, however when moving home, it’s  the perfect opportunity to have a thorough sort through your possessions. Moving your life from one house to another doesn’t mean that you have to move your clutter along with you. Whilst it’s the perfect opportunity to have a […]

Redirecting mail from your old home

Moving house can be a hectic time, but receiving your mail at a new address can be sorted easily. With a bit of forward thinking and a few early enquires, redirecting your mail to a new address can be one of the easiest tasks of your big move. First Home If you’re a first time […]

Key contacts to inform of your address change

A house move is undoubtedly going to be a stressful time and no matter how thoroughly you plan ahead, it’s likely that some jobs will be brushed aside and left until the last minute.  A change of address can be a potential nightmare if just brushed aside, so it pays to ensure you handle this […]

5 ways to sell your home quickly

Whether you’re selling a compact inner city apartment or a detached suburban home, you’re going to want to do it fast. While there is something to be said for real estate agents with glowing reputations and lighting fast turnover times, some of the most effective ways to slap a sold sign onto your home are […]

Packing your possessions with care

Whilst you’ll undoubtedly be excited about your new home and impending move, there are plenty of preparations and bits of hard work you’ll need to carry out in advance of your big move. Packing up all your valued possessions when moving somewhere new can be a daunting task, and the last thing you’ll want upon […]