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Homes from the Movies – The Notebook

When we think of Hollywood blockbusters, we think of glitz and glamour – but from time to time a classic sneaks its way into the mix, and it can be endearing in more than just one way. So, when we started to consider recent award do’s, and the stars that have featured in them, Ryan […]

How much are you willing to compromise for your dream home?

Whether you’re a first time buyer, climbing the property ladder one investment at a time, or a property mogul, one word you’ve probably heard banded around is “compromise,” In today’s world we want it all, now. But when it comes to buying a property, unless you’re in a fortunate position which allows you to build […]

Brexit and the property market

The EU referendum ended in Britain leaving the European Union- now known as Brexit. Although many seemed outraged by the result, months on we are now able to analyse how the result has effected the property market. How has Brexit effected the property market? Despite all the worry and controversy surrounding Brexit, new research has […]

How to choose the location of your new home

To say searching for a home is stressful is a pretty big understatement. There are so many aspects to take into consideration, but when it comes to location you really don’t want to be compromising (you know what Kirsty and Phil always say). So, what should you be looking out for when deciding on the […]

House buying jargon buster

The process of buying your first home is exciting, stressful, liberating – and all too often, utterly confusing! From estate agents to lawyers, all you seem to encounter is a baffling world of legal house buying jargon. But never fear, our house buying jargon buster is here to help you navigate the choppy waters of […]