Houses of the rich and the famous: Rock Star edition

Houses of the rich and the famous: Rock Star edition

We understand that, as a new home owner, finances are often tight in the months surrounding your move. However from time to time it’s always nice to dream, and imagine a life of luxury. If you’re scraping pennies together this Christmas after making your biggest purchase to date, take a few minutes off and admire the lavish abodes of some of the world’s most wealthy and extravagant celebrities, as we take an inside look at the homes of rock stars.

Pink Floyd


Located in Stanhope Gardens, Highgate, London, this home which is now valued at £1.2million was once home to iconic British rock band, Pink Floyd. While the group made famous by hits including Comfortably Numb and The Wall are still together as a band, they no longer own the property, and upon leaving the house they left a homemade xylophone and bongo drums in the attic.

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Brian Jones – Rolling Stones


This farm house in Cotchford, Sussex was home to former Rolling Stone Brian Jones, who lived in the property until his death in 1969. Despite housing a member of one of Britain’s most famed rock bands, the previous owner lived a slightly less rock and roll lifestyle – the homes previous owner was A.A. Milne, creator and author of “Winnie the Pooh” stories.

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Ozzy Osbourne – Black Sabbath


Black Sabbath’s Ozzy Osbourne may be English; however it’s his home in California which he is renowned for, mainly due to his family’s appearance on the MTV reality show ‘The Osbournes’, which was set for the most part in the house.

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Gene Simmons – Kiss


This Californian home covers 16,500 square feet of space, including four four bedrooms, six bathrooms and an archive room where Kiss frontman Gene Simmons keeps just about every piece of band memorabilia going. The band is renowned for their striking appearance, and this property certainly strikes an impressive chord due to its sheer size.

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Jon Bon Jovi – Bon Jovi


To finish off our list, we have this Manhattan penthouse apartment, valued at a staggering $42 million. Purchased by frontman Jon Bon Jovi in 2007, the pad, which offers incredible views of the New York skyline, has undergone significant refurbishment to get it to its current state. With 360 degree views of major New York suburbs, it’s easy to see why the asking price on the striking home is so high.


Image Credit: Corcoran Real Estate


All images used in this article are sourced from the respective estate agent of the property when it was listed. Each photo credit is provided underneath the image in the piece.

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