Celebrity roundup – amazing homes

Most of us can only dream of living a celebrity lifestyle but still get an intense amount of satisfaction in virtually snooping around their houses. After all, what perfect places to pick up interior inspiration and see what works and what definitely doesn’t.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber’s bachelor pad is located in North London carrying with it, a cool price tag of £108,333 a month! Furnished lavishly throughout, it’s Biebs’ bathroom we’re most in love with – using 12 different types of Italian marble, it’s a haven for those who favour the luxurious and minimalistic effect of this beautiful stone. Unfortunately the pure stone does come with a rather hefty price tag but fret not as there are plenty of other options that won’t bleed you dry. Try sourcing other stones that look similar to marble but aren’t quite as expensive or opt for a lino surface effect.


Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep’s five-story townhouse can be found in New York City’s Greenwich Village. Being a child of nature, Meryl is very keen on greenery in her home so often accessorises her rooms with plants or flowers. Instead of buying your plants and flowers from the local supermarket, why not venture to your nearest nursery – you’ll find expertly grown plants that will last a long while and they’ll be a fraction of the price at your local supermarket.



The sprawling seven-bedroom, nine-bath estate in the pacific Palisades is the former home of Rihanna. Orange is a common colour theme that has been somehow incorporated into each room through plants, wall art and house decor. Have you got a favourite colour that you love to work into everything? When it comes to interior décor, the world is your oyster so don’t be shy to make your home as bright and as ‘you’ as possible!


Amongst these magnificent mansions, there’s tons of inspiration to be found – want to share your favourite celebrity pad with us? Comment below!


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