Complain about clutter no more

Are you tired of the minimalistic look which has been quite popular recently? Well, here’s our top tips for embracing “clutter” in your new home.

Salon style walls

One of the biggest interior trends of the moment is the ‘salon’ style – displaying multiple pieces of artwork on one wall. The fun is in the placement – you can position these together or leave gaps; have them all the same size or mix and match. Colour, shape and size are all at your disposal to have fun with!

Small but many

Succulents are all the rage – they’re dominating Instagram and are exceptionally cute. Everyone knows that plants have the ability to brighten your mood and your day – so why not fill your home with them?

succulents - low res

Experiment and place yours in glass containers and pots, or take inspiration from popular blogger, Zoella and create your own Terrarium!

The bonus with succulents is that they’re probably going to be the least needy thing in your home – just give them a drink every now and then and you’re sorted.

Comfort is key

We may have just entered spring but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t fill your home with comfort.


Stacking up pillows, blankets and throws is the perfect way to clutter your home with comfort and style. Top tip: make sure you colours coordinate, no one wants to walk into a purple living room and see red and green pillows. This trend is better for smaller rooms with less furniture, if you fill every couch or bed with blankets it’s going to look like you live in a mattress kingdom.

The big one

Mirrors are huge statement pieces this year, and it seems the trend is ‘the bigger the better’. Gone are compact mirrors – it needs to be noticed.

Framing is key. Don’t have massively thick framing for a small mirror, it should be in proportion. On the other end of the spectrum, thin framing works well for a large mirror but keep the shape of the mirror in mind when making your selection. Large, circular mirrors are beautiful feature pieces for a wall; whereas more boxy shapes are perfect for freestanding.


Do you enjoy the “cluttered” look? Or do clean lines and minimalistic spaces win you over every time? Let us know in the comments below!


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