How to throw a successful first dinner party

After years of being the grateful guest, now is the time to stick the oven on, call up your friends, and brush up on your Nigella as you host your first dinner party.  But before you rustle up some home cooked delights and pick out the perfect outfit, check out our handy advice on how to make your first dinner party a raving success.

dinner decorSet the scene

We all love a theme night, but when hosting a dinner party we have to question whether taking inspiration from your past student nights out is the right decision to make.  For a more sophisticated approach, incorporate a colour scheme to your table or dress code.  You can find fantastic name cards, table runners and more from leading brands such as Not on the High Street.  Hosting on a budget?  Experiment with candles to achieve an elegant ambience.  This is a great chance to express your personality and the food you are serving so choose your ideas with care.


Your guests will most probably be thirsty when they arrive, so ensure that you provide a welcome drink, giving your friends a choice between soft and alcoholic.  Ensure that you don’t end up doing a champagne toast in your favourite tea mug by buying buying the correct glasswear before the night.

Food for thought

To avoid the heart ache of discovering your friends new found vegetarianism just minutes before you present your delicious beef casserole, plan ahead and make sure your menu adheres to any dietary requirements your guests may have.  Once your menu is planned, research potential soft or alcoholic drinks that will compliment your food, wowing your friends with your new found sommelier skills.

Serve in style

These days you’re more likely to be served your dinner on a wooden board and your chips in a shopping trolley rather than proudly presented on a beautiful dinner sdinner partyet.  Impress your guests with your best tablewear and invest in some new plates, crockery and cutlery.    Cooking meat, fish or shellfish?  Ensure your guests aren’t struggling with their lobster and steak by buying the right type of cutlery for their food.

Let me entertain you

You don’t need to spend a fortune on grand entertainment, after all it should be the food and company that is the main focal point of the evening.  However, if you would like to inject a bit of fun in between courses why not host a quick fire quiz round, pop on some music for an impromptu boogie.  Pinterest  has thousands of party game suggestions that can be enjoyed for any type of night.


Have you got any top tips for a fantastic dinner party?  Let us know in the comments below!


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