Top tips from Garden Guru Lisa Cox

It is safe to say that summer this year has been more of a wash out than a blissful heat wave, and no doubt gardens across the country are looking slightly less preened as a result! No need to worry though, Keepmoat decided to team up with the Garden Guru, Lisa Cox, to share her extensive knowledge on all things outdoors.

After helping fans and followers in need on Keepmoat’s social channels, Lisa kindly shared with First Home News her top 20 tips on maintaining the perfect garden, whether it be about luscious lawns or flourishing flowers, come rain or shine:

Blooming Beautiful 

Ensure your garden becomes a paradise worthy of the winning prize at the Chelsea Flower Show with Lisa’s advice on achieving the perfect planting environment:

  • Ideally, planting beds should be at least 1m deep to allow for more than one row of plants.
  • Separating each of the elements within your garden with planting will make your garden feel bigger – for example between the patio and lawn.
  • Using a limited palette of plants and repeat planting will create harmony in your garden.
  • Don’t be scared of planting trees – they provide shade and add valuable structure even in small spaces.
  • Creating planting beds against the house wall will soften the hard landscaping and allow for a balanced terrace.
  • Sloped flowerbeds can help keep the cost down when you’re dealing with changes in level.
  • Planting key structural plants in threes will bring balance and harmony.ValleyOfFlowers_MorningDew

Luscious Lawns

Make your glorious garden the envy of your neighbours with these quick tips on maintaining a stylish lawn:

  • Design the shape of the lawn and terrace, not the planting beds as when they’re full of plants it won’t matter what shape they are.
  • Edging lawns with timber or steel will maintain a crisp edge and keep it looking neat.
  • If you have a curved lawn, always run pathways into the radius point of the curve.

Dream designs

 You don’t need Nick Knowles and his team of DIY SOS’ers to make your outside space a designers dream. Lisa’s advice on chic but maintainable design can help make your garden look stunning and spacious.

  • Built-in seating can be invaluable in small gardens as it takes up less floor space.
  • Try and allow 1.5m around your table when you’re designing your terrace – this will give comfortable room to navigate around it whilst people are seated
  • Painting fences and sheds black will make them disappear and provide a fabulous backdrop for your plants.
  • Introducing subtle garden lighting will bring an ambient feel and also connect the garden to the house in winter.
  • If you like decking always lay it smooth side up – it will be easier to maintain and be less slippery.
  • When you choose you’re paving, look at a sample in-situ, both wet and dry, as the colour often changes quite significantly.
  • Never use more than three different materials in one garden space.
  • Placing a bench or seating area further into the garden will draw you outside and provide an attractive focal point all year round.
  • Dividing up a small space will make it feel bigger.
  • Turning your shed round so that the door isn’t facing the house will enable you to hide it with plants.

Do you have your own gardening tips to share? Or are you a dab hand at outdoors DIY? Pop them in the comment box below!


About Lisa: Garden designer Lisa proudly specialises in helping families to turn their gardens into an extension of their home. Lisa shares her life and all things gardening on her blog: The Room Outside. 

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