Gluggaveður – appreciating the outside, from the inside

So we’ve all heard of Hygge, the Icelandic trend all about cosy living and living for you. Bloggers, celebs and everyone in between have been obsessed with the feel-good movement – if you haven’t heard about it, where on Earth have you been?

But this year it’s all about Gluggaveður. Forget Hygge, Gluggaveður – or ‘gluggavedur’ for us Brits – is the latest Icelandic lifestyle trend taking the world by storm.

Translating to ‘window-weather’, gluddavedur is all about days that look beautiful but aren’t so nice to be out in. You know those days that are much better appreciated from behind a window pane – when there are bright blue skies and a dusting of snow…but we all know that if we went out in it, it will result in wet socks and frozen toes.

The concept celebrates the little things in life, such as curling up indoors whilst enjoying the vista from your window. Blue sky, falling rain, fluffy white clouds or even just people watching… whatever your view is, it’s all about enjoying it from the comfort of your home.

Interior designers the world over are taking inspiration from the Scandi trend with incredible window dressing to ensure the border for your view is as stunning as possible. Beautiful window seats and flowing curtains, or simple plant pots, artwork or candles can create a very effective result. Try searching ‘window dressing’ on Pinterest and you’ll get serious gluggavedur envy!

Let us know below if you have any tips for the perfect way to bring gluggavedur into your home.

[Image sourced from Pixabay]

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