Homes from the Movies – The Godfather

Homes from the Movies – The Godfather

Homes from Movies – The Corleone residence

It’s one of the most iconic films ever made, and now the mansion featured in the gangster classic, The Godfather is available for sale in America.


Critically acclaimed, and often acknowledged as being one of the greatest films ever made, it’s no surprise that this iconic piece of real estate comes with a hefty price tag.

524273931_3e831fd8b5_zListed on the market at around the £1.8 million mark, the mansion was the home to the fictional Corleone family in the 1972 film. With 6,248 square feet, the property offers a mix of size, glamour and an iconic position in popular culture. Including seven bedrooms and five bathrooms, it’s no surprise the property is demanding such a large sum from potential buyers.

Located in Staten Island, New York, the property is listed for sale through Connie Profaci reality, a real estate agency based in the New-Dorp area of Staten Island.
When speaking to local press, estate agent Joseph Profaci stated ‘It has anything you would want for entertaining – big open space, a huge island, and a very large eating area that opens up to the yard and pool.

‘My favourite feature of the house is a door on the first floor by the dining room that looks like an old, wood ‘speak easy’ door that leads down to the basement where there is a pub and a game room, which really is the ultimate man cave. It has a big, beautiful stone fireplace in it.’

Featured prominently in the first instalment of the franchise when the family host Don Corleone’s daughter’s wedding, the location is the setting for this famous line delivered by Marlon Brando.

At the whopping price of £1.8 million, it’s unlikely any of us will be spending time at the property any time soon, however when it comes to scouting out homes from the movies, there aren’t many cooler than this mafia headquarters.


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Don Corleone’s office image credit: Connie Profaci Realty

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