How to grow-your-own indoor herb garden

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How to grow-your-own indoor herb garden

Growing your own herbs is great fun. It can save you money, improve your cooking, and add an attractive farmhouse aesthetic  to your kitchen. And best of all you don’t even need a garden to do it in.

Although you can grow your herbs straight from the seed, it’s a lot easier to skip this stage and use a starter plant. Make sure you use a potting mix too, which will contain all the essential nutrients the herbs need. Both these things can be purchased from a local garden centre relatively inexpensively.

The best place to keep you herb garden is on a south-facing window sill, as herbs need a lot of sunlight to grow, as well as a bit of shelter. Think about the type of pots you use too, as this can make your herb garden stand out and add a little character to your house.

There’s a huge variety of different herbs you can grow at home. As a starting point, think about what food you regularly cook, and which herbs could compliment this. Here’s a few pointers;

  • Chives are typically used for garnish, salads, vegetable stocks, soups, creamy sauces and potato dishes
  • Mint goes well with lamb and light soups.
  • Oregano is very versatile, and one of the low maintenance herbs that requires little watering. It goes nicely with lamb, vegetables and pizza.
  • Rosemary pairs well with roasted chicken, fish, lamb, pork and potatoes
  • Thyme requires little watering, and compliments most meats, like chicken and game, and is great in stews
  • Parsley is a popular garnish and goes nicely with meats, salads, soups, and can also be used in most savoury dishes

Once you’ve decided which herbs to grow, the next challenge is keeping them all alive! Make sure you provide them with at least 8 hours of sunlight each day to help them develop, and also make sure you use a container with drainage holes, otherwise it will become waterlogged.

Fertilizer is also a good idea; if your plant looks unhealthy or out of colour then use a little bit of diluted fish fertilizer, the smell goes away quickly!  This can be brought from a local garden centre.

Finally, be patient. It takes a few weeks for the herbs to develop properly. Now you just need to learn how to cook!

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