How to utilise a small bathroom

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How to utilise a small bathroom

Many new homes carry the burden of having a small bathroom, and unlike a living room or bedroom, this isn’t as easy to rectify, as there are certain amenities that can’t be ignored. We’re here to provide you with some top tips so you can give the impression of space without having to knock down any walls.

Go monochrome

In most rooms, people will opt to have a contrast of colours as to give it more dimension and character, but in a small space it’s best to avoid it. Using various colours and shades such as light walls and dark tiles will cause the room to break up and make it appear smaller. Having everything a uniform colour will make the room seem cleaner and also eradicate any angled ceilings and unusual spaces therefore making the space expand visually. Needless to say, a lighter colour scheme is advised as it will reflect and make the most of any natural light.


Everyone is aware of the space expanding effects of mirrors as it causes light to bounce around the room, but it’s important that you strategically place them as to make the most of their reflective abilities. Placing a mirror opposite from a window for instance, will reflect the outdoors and also give the impression that you have two windows in the same room. Having a mirror across from an old closet will have almost no effect, so think about where you place them.

Maximise floor space

Scales, laundry baskets and bins can all take up valuable floor space, but when you only have a small bathroom you can’t afford to make this compromise. If you can, store trivial furnishings elsewhere or store them beneath low hangings or alcoves. A crowded bathroom implies less space, so don’t keep any items on display which you don’t use on a daily basis. You should also avoid having on floor cabinets if possible and instead hang them above a sink or in a corner as to not take up any more room.


It’s not always possible to get natural light into a bathroom, so making sure you use the right lighting is important. Installing a dimmer switch can help modify the room for different purposes and so make it seem bigger. This means you can have bright, practical lighting for when you’re getting ready for work in the morning and more sensual lighting for when you want a relaxing shower or bath in the evening. Positioning lights near mirrors is also a wise move as it will help the light get projected as far and wide as possible, but if your budget permits, skylights and sun tunnels are the most effective way of bringing in natural lighting although this may not be viable for some.

Ditch the patterned shower curtain

The key to creating more space is keeping everything open and one way of doing this is by replacing your old shower curtain with clear glass. A patterned curtain or frosted glass shield can give the illusion of having another wall, so it’s important to open this up by installing something transparent. Glass may financially be out of some people’s reach so you can recreate a similar effect with a clear shower curtain, but just make sure the shower or bath is clean and uncluttered.

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