IKEA Hacks to transform your home

There’s no denying that upcycling is now big business, with thrifty consumers jumping on the ever growing trend and creating designs worthy of being in any high street window.

One of the top stores to nab some low-cost furniture is IKEA. Known as the Swedish Holy Grail for affordable homeware with a chic design, the flat pack furniture giant offers simplistic furnishings at fabulous prices. The only snag is your individuality can fall by the wayside as you end up with the same items as everybody else.

However, with a few handy hacks, these popular pieces can be modified into luxurious furniture for a fraction of the cost of designer brands. Check out our top tips for getting some bespoke décor without breaking the bank – you can thank us later!

Spray-painted storage

Metallic furniture has been all the rage recently but can often come with a hefty price tag. For a great alternative, why not buy plain units such as the VITTSJO (£65) and spray with gold or copper paint? The end result will be a fun, edgy piece of statement furniture perfect for any room of the house.


Image Credit: House of Hawkes

Faux fur to dye for

This hack has been doing the rounds for years, and is by far the most popular of the lot! You can turn the TEJN faux sheepskin rug from IKEA into a colourful statement piece by using fabric dye and salt mixed with hot water to turn the fur a funky colour. We love the idea of turning our TEJN flamingo pink – Elle Woods eat your heart out!

faux fur

Image Credit: PapernStitch

Monogrammed cushions

This one requires a few more materials but is a great, quirky addition to any bedroom.  Here are three simple steps on how you can achieve this look:

  1. Using the GURLI pillowcase (£2) cut a sponge into a triangle (or shape of your choice) to use as a stamp.
  2. Dip the sponge in fabric dye to create a print all over the pillow case.
  3. Once that’s dried use craft glue to attach fabric letters (like these available on eBay) to spell out a word of your choice, this could be your name, a phrase or inspirational message.



Image Credit: Natazsa

A simple yet effective hack, choose a piece of your favourite wallpaper or wrapping paper and cut into the size of the PROJOS clear desk pad. Glue the chosen wrapping paper with clear glue and paste behind the desk pad to create a unique patterned desk cover.


Image Credit: LittleTipsy

Plate lamp

This hack requires a little more elbow grease but will give you some fancy overhead lighting just by using kitchenware. Get a similar look to the lamp below by using the NOVANDIG bowl for £10. You need to find the very middle point of the back of the dish and drill through using a 1.75″ hole-saw piece. Goggles may be a good idea for this one to avoid the metal splinters and dust that come off while drilling. Once you have the hole in the bowl insert the threaded part of a pendant light (purchase this from B&Q for £3). After that, just screw on the ring from the kit and hang – and there you have it, a lovely chic pendant light.


Image Credit: A Beautiful Mess

Do you have any top hacks that could transform your home? Let us know in the comments!


Feature Image Credit: Pexcels

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