Impressive dinner parties on a budget

A dinner party needn’t mirror the extravagant and lavish affairs you see on Made in Chelsea and can in actual fact have a rather stunning effect when done on a tight budget. It’s all about the ambiance and overall feel of the evening – forget about the posh nosh and prepare to give your guests an experience they won’t forget in a while!

Creating the right atmosphere

Creating the perfect dinner party atmosphere in your home needn’t cost the earth and luckily we have a few tricks up our sleeves on how to achieve just that.

Candles are cheap to buy and instantly add a luxurious feel by flickering and casting shadows around the whole room – line windowsills and empty, bare-looking shelves with tea lights to instantly bring them to life. A large candle also makes the perfect centre piece for your dining table but if you find yourself with a little extra time, why not decorate a large bowl with some freshly cut flowers or foraged pine cones and conkers.

The Menu

Begin with ingredients you already have at home or ingredients you know you’ll use after the party, after all, wastage is no way to save money. Choosing dishes that use seasonal ingredients will also help save a few pennies as due to their abundance, they will be sold cheaply.

The worst time to try out a new recipe is when you’ve got a crowd of hungry friends coming round for dinner so we would recommend you opt for a dish you’ve made before and that you know tastes delicious!


Time to bust out those party games and board games that haven’t seen daylight since your last dinner party! After a few glasses of wine, your guests will love playing a few of the old classics – Twister, Charades, Jenga…you name it! Why not even ask them to bring their favourite games along with them for you all to try.

Have you got the perfect dinner party recipe? Share with us below.

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