The legal side to house-buying

You’ve saved hard for your deposit and have found your dream home. All ready to move in? Not quite yet as there’s just the daunting legal of house-buying to face. However, it doesn’t have to be as tricky as everyone makes out. We’ve put together everything you need to know about the legal side of buying a new home – now all you need to do is crack open the champagne!

Draw up a contract

Once you have acquired a solicitor, your housebuilder’s legal team will need to draw up a contract and send it to them. Once received, your solicitor will begin the ‘enquiries and searches’ stage to check that there are no problems with your new property.

Enquires and Searches

This part can take up to six weeks as your solicitor will be waiting on information from various sources about matters including

  • Local authority searches – does the local authority know of any issues that could affect your property? This could issues such as proposed new roads, new developments etc…
  • Local Land Chargers Register – this needs to be checked to make sure there are no tree preservation orders, listed buildings or conservation areas that may have been affected by the construction of your home.
  • Enquiries Made to your house builder – these are a set of standard questions to make sure that everything is running smoothly and to order. Typical questions include what the property boundaries are, what fixtures and fittings are included in the sale, information on guarantees etc…
  • Land Registry Search – this is to make sure there are no surprising disputes over who owns the land as well as making sure there are no unusual right of way access.

The Next Step – Exchanging Contracts

The bit that excites so many new home owners (and rightly so) is the exchanging of contracts! Once everything has been given the go-ahead by your solicitors, the deposit has been paid and the formal mortgage offer has been received, you’ll be ready to exchange.

Both you and your house builder will keep copies of your contract and once signed, it means you are legally committed to the sale!

Legal Completion

The day all first-time buyers dream about – when you become the legal owner of your home! During this process, your mortgage lender will release funds to your solicitor. They will then transfer the funds to your house builder’s solicitor. Once the money has gone through they’ll hand you the keys and you are now the proud owner of your very first home! Simple!


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