How to make your new house a home

Having your new home looking beautiful can be the start of making it feel like home but decorating can be expensive and it may feel as though you’ll never be able to make your own stamp on it.

But there are cheaper options (not everything has to be from John Lewis or Zara Home) and you’ll be surprised at how even the smallest amount of creativity can go a long way and save you the big bucks. Here at First Home News we’ve come up with some ideas to help you create a home that’s ultimately yours.

Freshen the house

A lick of paint can do wonders to the overall appearance of a property. Choosing neutral colours is a useful tip if you’re on a small budget as you won’t get bored or fed up with them for a long while. Additionally, neutrals will match other colours you may decide to bring in gradually over time. If in doubt, go for a delicate off-white which will give the room a fresh feeling and allows your accessories and furniture to do the talking.

Stay away from trends

Although it may seem tempting to get a similar wallpaper to what your favourite celeb has just put up in their home, it is important to remember that trends eventually go out of fashion. Trying to keep up to date with the latest trends is not only exhausting, it’s also extremely expensive! Our advice would be to keep it simple and timeless.

Statement pieces

If you’re looking to inject some colour into your new home, why not look into a statement piece? Again, don’t be too ambitious, items as simple as a few brightly coloured scatter cushions can be a great way to make your room pop. And the best thing about cushions is that their covers can be easily changed depending on your mood. Don’t be afraid to try this method out on other chameleon-like objects, bedding, throws, rugs etc.…

Look for deals

If you’re into interior design you may read magazines with ideas on how to decorate your home and more often than not, these magazines will contain items way outside your price range. Here’s a handy hint, look at what you like then try find something similar and cheaper. Most designer wear will have a copy, it’s all about how much time you want to spend finding it.

Clutter Free

When decorating a room it can be hard to decide what key items you actually want in the room. Stay away from overcrowding as it can make a room look smaller and cluttered. It can also make it appear messy and unclean, which is definitely something to avoid.


Battered old cupboards can really ruin the aesthetic of a room and a simple change can make the world of a difference! Begin by changing the doorknobs/handles to make the cupboard look instantly more updated and stylish. This will save you a lot of money that could have been spent buying a whole set of new cupboard doors!


The lighting of a room is a make or break factor which is why the appearance of your light sources is so important. Replacing standard lampshades with more eye-catching ones will immediately give a new lease of life to a space. They are also an excellent way to subtly add personality to your home.

We are sure that there are many more ways to make your home fabulous on a budget but these are our initial ideas. The key thing to remember here is to stay focused on your budget and your design ideas so that you’re not over spending!


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