New year, new you

With Christmas and the New Year wrapped up, it’s time to put those resolutions into practise and embrace all the changes you swore you’d make.

Moving out

Moving out of the family home is a big step, made bigger by the daunting financial commitment that comes with owning your own house. However, this prospect may not be as scary as it seems as many homes, such as Keepmoat homes are available to buy with the Help to Buy scheme. This essentially means that the government will boost your savings by 25%, meaning that you can get on the property ladder all the more quickly.


Redecorating your home is a big job that people often find themselves putting off for years. This year, why not embrace your creative side and exercise your artistic license to make your house a home. Start with the simple tasks such as painting/wallpapering the walls, hanging up some paintings and gradually begin to bring your own personality into your home.

Organisation is key

With so many things to do around the house, it is easy to let the little things slip. In order to make sure you know how many bills you have to pay each month and what is going out of your bank account and when, why not keep everything together in the same place and make a list of what needs to be paid and when. That way you can be sure nothing will ever get missed.

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