Own your own home before 25

Many of us can only dream about owning our own home by the time we’re 25 and according to a recent study, only five 25 year olds are on the property market. But with the correct willpower and cost-cutting practises, it is possible…


Budgeting is all about being savvy with your purchases so seeking out the cheapest brand for the product you want to buy is a good place to start. Take baked beans for example, instead of opting for Heinz, choose the supermarket’s own brand – you’ll be surprised at the effect saving those few pennies can have. We get it, it’s a complete pain having to monitor where every penny goes but trust us, once you get into the swing of it, it may prove to be the most effective cost-cutting method you’ve ever tried before.

Making Sacrifices

Easier said than done right? But don’t worry, you’ve got this, it’s only temporary. Forgoing that exotic holiday whilst the rain is beating down on gloomy England seems impossibly hard now but we’ll make this as simple as we can for you – just stay focussed on the end goal at all times. The pleasure you’ll derive from a holiday is short-lived, and in absolutely no time you’ll be back to the delightfully dreary British weather. However, the joy your own home could provide is unconfined, limitless and forever.


None of us have reached this level of adulting without pinching the odd penny here and there. In addition to this, why not try and earn a little extra where you can – take on those extra shifts at work, move home and bunk in with Mum and Dad to save on rent, sell the car and buy a bike instead! These changes may seem life-changing now but not as life-changing as having your own set of keys to your very own house!

All in all, we get it, buying a house and thinking of a mortgage is scary especially now that UK homes cost an average of £217,928. But did you know that there are lots of government incentives, specifically designed to help young adults get on the property ladder. Take the Help to Buy scheme for example which bulks up your saving by 5%, giving you a larger deposit for your dream home. All Keepmoat homes are available to purchase with this scheme, why not check out the Keepmoat properties in your area.

Looking for a little more reassurance that you can do it? Read the stories of couples who have managed to secure their own home and how they did it, here.

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