Winter trends: Keep your living room in fashion this winter

To many, changing trends within a house play a very minor role, with most decorations and accessories being chosen due to personal style. After all, you’re the one who lives there and sees your interior design work every day, so keeping up with trends isn’t vital. However, when the winter rolls around, with the festive […]

The best five ways to save for your first home

If you’re dreaming of getting onto the property ladder, but saving enough for a deposit seems a lottery win away, you don’t need to worry. We all know how difficult it is to get your first home, and with the prices of a home nowadays you probably need all the help you can get. Don’t […]

How to make your living room look bigger

If you’ve just bought your first home, the chances are that you’re going to be living in small areas that require inventive use of space, rather than roaming acres of excess land and vast rooms. If your new home is a little short on space, and you’re struggling to fit all your belongings into the […]

Make the most of your bijou kitchen

As much as we’d all love the luxury of a vast spacious kitchen that gives us plenty of space for preparation, storage and cooking, it can’t always be a reality. If your kitchen is more pokey than palatial then follow these easy tips to work your way around a small space. Utilise the full height […]

Filling your empty walls without blowing all of your cash

Empty walls can make your whole room feel undecorated. Adding art or impressive photography not only fills up those bare walls, but provides a feel of individuality and personal style to your room. Pick the right items and you’ll have your guests impressed with your style. Even on a budget, great wall-filling art, photography or […]

Three tips for updating your conservatory

With the cold months now settling in, you might find yourself using your conservatory less and less, due to its poor heat retention. While the appeal of a conservatory in summer is obvious – lazing in it and admiring the garden through dappled sunshine – as soon as the weather changes, your view becomes dominated […]

Minimalist home: Our easy guide

You’ve moved into your new home and now realise you have far too many belongings for your new rooms. You don’t want to fill up your house with rubbish, but you need to make sure your proudest possessions get the placement they deserve when you’re showing off your new place to friends. Keep your home […]

Winter DIY

With winter now closing in, we begin the cold months where we confine ourselves to the warmth of our home. Even through winter, you’ll be kept busy with DIY jobs to not only improve your home, but to also keep it safe.   Indoor jobs The most important appliance within your home this winter is […]

Wooden log burners: Why you need one

Over recent years, sales in log burning stoves have been roaring. Not only do they help to save you money in the long run, but they provide a true sense of character to any room in which you want one. Through the cold winter months, they provide unrivalled heat at a low cost, and add […]

Hallway Touches

When entering your house, the hallway is often the first area any visitors will see. You don’t need to spend a fortune on furniture, as a hall is often only used as a walk through, however your guests will immediately build up an idea of your taste based on the care and attention you’ve given […]