2017 gardening and outdoor living trends

With the rise of wellbeing trends, it’s hardly a surprise that gardening and outdoor living is becoming a growing theme in homes across the country. We are taking a look at some of the top gardening and outdoor living ideologies of 2017 to help you get those green fingers into action. Whether you’re a total […]

Own your own home before 25

Many of us can only dream about owning our own home by the time we’re 25 and according to a recent study, only five 25 year olds are on the property market. But with the correct willpower and cost-cutting practises, it is possible… Budgeting Budgeting is all about being savvy with your purchases so seeking […]

Flat-packed furniture, a modern-day nightmare

Flat-packed furniture is like Marmite, you either love it, or you hate it. For those who find it a hellish task – only good for breaking up families and friendships – we are here to help you decipher the DIY lingo and understand those hieroglyphics known as ‘diagrams’. For first time buyers, flat-packed furniture can […]

Choosing your new home

The process of looking, choosing and buying your first home can often be quite daunting. However, if you know what to look for, the home-buying process can be a breeze. Luckily, we are here to help with some points that will hopefully help you on your way to finding your perfect new home. The neighbourhood […]

Getting on the property ladder

Buying your first home and the process that accompanies it is said to be one of life’s most stressful experiences. Luckily, we’re here to challenge that belief and we believe with the right knowledge and understanding of the first time buyers market, you’ll be in a good position to start searching for your dream home. […]

Upcycling – the benefits

With the housing market surging every year, it’s unsurprising that house-buying has become nothing but a pipe dream for many. However, those who have admirably pooled their savings into buying their first home have come up with a new, socially acceptable trend to save a few pennies – upcycling. The term upcycling basically means to […]

What is Stamp Duty?

If you’re new to the whole house-buying process then terminology like this can confuse you so much it may even put you off buying a house completely! Luckily for you we’ve simplified what this means so that you can be confident is knowing what Stamp Duty is moving forward. What is stamp duty? Stamp Duty […]

Cold weather warning

As many of us prepare for the final cold spell of winter that is sweeping across the UK, we can be forgiven for feeling a little nervous about the effect such extreme weather will have on our homes. To ensure you’re prepared for every eventuality, we’ve compiled a list of possible effects the cold weather […]

New Year makeover

The New Year is the perfect time to give your home a new lease of life so now is the moment to sort out all those things you’ve been complaining about since you moved in and really make your home yours! Lick of paint It sounds cliché but a lick of paint really does make […]