Pros and cons of built in kitchen appliances

Pros and cons of built in kitchen appliances

Kitchen appliances are a standard in all homes, whether they were already built in when you moved into your place, you had them built in as part of a new, modern kitchen fitting, or you’ve added stand alone appliances to your room and upgraded as and when has been necessary. Whilst you have a choice as to how they look, many kitchen appliances aren’t optional luxuries, you simply can’t have a functioning kitchen without a sink or oven. Whilst many now enjoy incorporating built in appliances into a kitchen, it isn’t for everyone, and sometimes a certain style of kitchen dictates what style of


  • The built in kitchen appliances are visually integrated which makes the room very comfortable aesthetically.
  • They become practically invisible as they’re built into the room, leaving space for other furniture that you want to add.
  • They tend to be appropriate for a variety of design styles, so you can freely include them in your innovative plans.
  • They also vary in different sizes and colours according to your taste
  • Devices such as coffee machines have the capability to be installed in the wall of a kitchen and tend to be extremely convenient, detracting from the clunkier option of using a free standing device.
  • The dishwasher drawers are small units that are capable of  fitting under a counter and are quiet, efficient and take up less space than expected.
  • Items such as blenders or food processors are now available to be installed directly into a counter top; you simply need to attach the pitcher or the container to the drive in order to have an instant mixer at any time.


  • The product and installation costs are invariably higher compared to to the free standing appliances.
  • If future repairs are required, this can be a more complicated and time consuming procedure.
  • You may find it difficult to operate with them in the proper way if the built in kitchen appliances have overly complicated systems.
  • The integrated nature of products makes it less likely you’ll want to upgrade and keep your kitchen in line with modern technologies.


If you are a fan of more conventional type of appliances, you need probably need free standing kitchen appliances for your home. On the other hand, if you consider yourself a type of person that want to possess every modern gadget on the market do not hesitate and simply choose a new and modern built in style kitchen.

In many cases, it makes sense to incorporate big items into your design, such as the oven, hob, washer, dishwasher and fridge. With smaller devices, you can opt for stand alone options. It’s often down to personal taste, and working the devices in a way that makes you feel comfortable. Whilst design is important in a new kitchen, work-ability and feeling comfortable in the space whilst you work is of utmost importance in a kitchen.

When it comes to maintenance for kitchen appliances or other areas, opt for professional cleaning services. Built in kitchen appliances require extensive cleaning and servicing to keep them pristine and working like new.

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