Settling into your new home

That’s it, you’ve done it! For the past few years you’ve been saving the pennies, scraping every last baked bean out of the can and filling up your browsing history with online mortgage calculators…it’s all payed off as now you can call yourself a homeowner. Feels good, right but don’t be deterred by any overwhelming feelings about the huge step you have just taken as we are here to help you settle right into your new home!


So, you and your possessions have made their way into an unfamiliar space so first things first – make yourself feel at home with something as simple as a cuppa. Pop the kettle on (if you remembered which box the mugs are in!) and begin taking it all in. When it comes to the odious task of unpacking, our recommendation is to start with the essentials such as kitchen and bathroom items and then move onto the other, less essential items. If you have to build furniture from scratch, a bed is the first port of call – unless you’re okay with spending the first night on the floor that is.

It’s the Little Things

Now the major furniture items are in place and ready to go, it’s time to start adding additional, decorational items such as pictures, mirrors, vases and everything else that makes your pad feel yours. It will also help to be familiar with the location of items around the house such as knowing the difference between the plate cupboard and the cereal cupboard but this will inevitably become easier over time as you get used to your new home.

The Small Print

Now, for the slightly monotonous task of notifying your friends, bank, the council, doctor, hospital, dentist and everyone else about your new address. To save time, all these jobs can be done online or over the phone (try not to ring at midday or in the evenings when everyone else will be trying to get through). Similarly, your utility bills will all need to be set up with your new address. Some people choose to do this as soon as they set foot in the property but don’t worry if you like to take your time over important paperwork.

Urban Explorer

Okay, so you’ve done all you can to familiarise yourself inside, now it’s time to go out and explore your new local neighbourhood! Go for a wander and locate the nearest shops, bus stops, pubs and takeaways…you never know when you may urgently need any of these essentials!

And that’s it! We know that you’ll be familiar with your new home and surroundings as quick as you can say ‘house party!’. Any tips on how you coped with moving into your new home, let us know.

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