Six top tips to keep your home safe while on holiday

Hands up who’s going on holiday soon? Be it as far flung as the exhilarating city of Dubai or a relaxing ‘staycation’ in the Cotswolds, it’s important to keep your home safe from intruders.

So if you’re one of the lucky ones who’s going on a summer break this year, check out our tips on how to keep your home safe while you’re away.

Lock up

This one goes for every time you leave the house, not just when you’re jetting off on your jollies! Make sure you lock all doors and windows, remembering to double lock UPVC doors (lift the handle and turn the key).

Hide all keys from plain view, especially car keys, and keep them away from the letter box. You’ll be amazed at how flexible burglars can be when they have their eye on the prize!

Set the alarm

We would always encourage investing in a security alarm for peace of mind. They don’t break the bank either, your nearest B&Q should have a Yale Wireless Alarm at snip for just £97!

Get a little help from your friends

Driving to your destination or parking in the airport car park? If you have trustworthy neighbours, ask them if they wouldn’t mind parking their car in your driveway while you are away. This is highly effective in making your home look like somebody is always there, reducing the risk of burglary.

You can also stay reassured by asking a trusted friend or family member to house sit for you while you are away (added bonus if you have pets!).

Turn the light on

A trick as old as time itself, create the illusion that you’ve been home all along by turning on a couple of lights throughout the house.

Don’t post your holiday online

…not until you get back at least.

Let’s face it, you never know who can see your selfies online even if you do have your privacy settings turned up to 100%. So save those pics by the pool until you’re back home.


If you’re going away this summer, what would you recommend to keep your home safe? Answers in the comments below.




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