Sweeten up your home décor with our six favourite foodie accessories

Sweeten up your home décor with our six favourite foodie accessories

Christmas time, the curse of a sweet tooth strikes again! Surely it’s not just us finding all the delicious treats that start appearing (usually in the form of a chocolate box…on our laps…in front of festive classics) irresistible? This Christmas, entertain the candy-theme in your home décor. Anyone else feeling hungry?

Cupcake Slippers – Asos – £15



These adorably scrumptious slippers are the perfect winter warmer and will keep your toes super toasty. We love the sweet pastels of this cupcake design – almost good enough to eat!

Blue Gummy Bear Light – Flamingo Gifts – £24.99


Flamingo Gifts


One hundred times bigger than your usual gummy bear, this battery powered lamp is sure to make you smile with its squishy belly and variety of colours. On a one-hour automatic timer, these gummy bears make ideal night lights with their gentle glow.

Milk Bottle Candle – Joy – £7




If a vintage vibe is more your style, this milk bottle candle will bring a unique touch to a rustic themed room. The sweet vanilla scent will have your home smelling like a delicious bakery – perfect for when guests come round this Christmas!


Ice Cream Neon Light – Asos – £70




Rocking the retro vibe once again, this ice cream shaped neon light is a fabulously kitsch accessory that will make an ideal gift for any ice cream lover. Think 1950’s diner, complete with black and white check floors, booth style seating and a Cadillac in the driveway (well, we can dream!).

Macaron Print – Etsy – £5.62




For fans of French patisserie, this print-at-home macaron design will be a beautiful addition to the kitchen or bedroom. Pair with a minimalistic or rustic-looking frame to bring a sweet touch to any room.


Pink Sprinkled Doughnut Cushion – Claires – £12




Mmmmm doughnuts…


Release your inner Homer Simpson with this deliciously cool doughnut pillow. It may not be the most sophisticated taste but we love its fun and retro style. Perfect


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