Make your kitchen your own in your first home

Make your kitchen your own in your first home

Buying your first property can really ignite your creativity, as you have the opportunity to think about how to transform the brand new house into your very own home.

With the kitchen being the heart of any home, it is important to dedicate time to decorating the space to make it somewhere where you feel happy and comfortable. Take a look at some of the things that you should consider when improving the room to help you make it truly your own.

1) Do you have a budget in place?

Setting the right budget is the first important step to take. You need to figure out how much you can actually afford to spend, to help you determine what work can be carried out.

When putting together a budget, every cost should be considered. Units, worktops and appliances, as well as the installation, plumbing and electrics all need to be accounted for. The average cost for a new kitchen is £8,000, but it is crucial to allow for an extra 15% in case you need emergency funding.

2) Should you improve or remove?

Having worked out how much you can afford to spend, consider whether it is best to update your current kitchen or start completely afresh. Take a look at what is there, and make a note of what you do and don’t like, thinking about whether you would want to keep any existing part of your kitchen.

If there are a number of things that you do like, it may be worth looking at ways to update and improve the space around the features. This could help to save you a lot of the time, effort and money that it can take to completely renovate a kitchen.

3) Think about the layout

Look at the layout and walk around the space to gather a rounded perspective of how your kitchen impacts you. Does the layout flow, and will it work well for you personally? Only consider changing the layout of your kitchen if you feel it will be highly beneficial.

If you choose to completely change the arrangement of the room, think about how you will be using the kitchen. Will you need more worktops in certain areas? Will you regularly be hosting dinner parties? Are there certain elements you want to be positioned closely together?

4) Design and decor

Whether your budget allows you to update or replace your kitchen, refreshing the design and decor can help to dramatically improve its look while allowing you to add your own personal touch.

You can revitalise your kitchen by adding a splash of colour. Many different shades work well in the space – bright, deep colours such as red work to stimulate appetite, whereas an all-white kitchen can help to awaken and revitalise. Other colours that work well are blues, greens, yellows and greys.

Changing your lighting can also allow you to add your own style to your kitchen without breaking the bank. Consider spotlights for a modern feel, and pendant designs for a more traditional touch. Make sure you utilise lighting to accentuate areas of the room you’re most proud of – something like a Britannia Living iconic range cooker gives your room a focal point, and with intresting and different designs, can give your room a much needed boost of character.

5) Add a personal touch

Look to add accessories here and there that truly reflect your personality. Artwork, crockery, vases and tableware are all additions that can help to personalise your kitchen and shape your house into your home.

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This article was provided exclusively to First Home News courtesy of Rachel Campbell, a writer with a keen interest in homeware and kitchens.

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Minimalist home: Our easy guide
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Minimalist home: Our easy guide

You’ve moved into your new home and now realise you have far too many belongings for your new rooms. You don’t want to fill up your house with rubbish, but you need to make sure your proudest possessions get the placement they deserve when you’re showing off your new place to friends. Keep your home minimalist using our easy guide.

Take it one room at a time
If you’ve unloaded all of your furniture, decorations and accessories into your house, and now realise you want to adopt a more minimalist feel, don’t try and rush the process. Clearing out a huge amount of possessions at once would be tough, and you might get carried away and regret it later. Take things one room at a time, and see if the minimalist feel within the room feels right to you before making any rash decisions.

Furniture is the key

Your furniture is the focal point of any room. In the living room, you have your sofa, in the dining room you have your dining table, your bedroom centres around your bed. Making sure that the key piece of furniture suits the room and is in the right spot is vital to creating a minimalist room. You don’t want a room to feel empty, you need it to feel as though it has been decorated sparingly in an effective style. Making sure that your key item of furniture is well placed and suited to the room is importing in ensuring your room doesn’t feel sparse.

Essential items

It might seem like a tough decision on what to keep and what to store away, but you’ll know if an item is truly essential to you and the feel of your room. When trying to generate a minimalist feel, your best option is to be overly minimal to begin with, and further down the line, if you feel extra decorative pieces are needed, add them as and when you feel is necessary.

Clear floors

Floor space is a crucial aspect of creating a minimalist feel. You need to make sure all flooring areas are free from clutter, as having uncluttered surfaces, but messy and untidy floor spaces just makes the room feel like you’ve failed to tidy up.


You don’t want to have a minimalist room with cluttered and untidy walls. Obviously, you need some decorations within your home as you don’t want it to feel overly empty and uninhabited, so a few pieces of artwork or wall features can add a style of class and  decoration. If you’re at a loose end as to how you’re best filling your empty wall space, check out our article on some ideas for wall fixtures. (link to other article)

If you’re interested in a minimalist decor in your home, or have experience of clearing out your rooms in a new home, make sure you let us know how it went on in the comments section. 

Images used under creative commons courtesy of iBSSR.

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