Cuban Fever – bring Havana to your home

Stunning beaches, amazing weather, fascinating history and wonderful people – it’s no wonder that Cuba is the holiday destination that everybody is talking about. It should therefore come as no surprise that 2017 summer home decor has a Caribbean vibe. Have a read of our top tips on how you can incorporate a little bit […]

Show Home Steals

Buying your first home can be a stressful time – from planning the perfect interior design to sourcing the right accessorise to make your new home look fabulous. Due to these various elements, the whole task can understandably become a tad overwhelming. To make your home décor job easier, why not pinch some ideas from […]

IKEA Hacks to transform your home

There’s no denying that upcycling is now big business, with thrifty consumers jumping on the ever growing trend and creating designs worthy of being in any high street window. One of the top stores to nab some low-cost furniture is IKEA. Known as the Swedish Holy Grail for affordable homeware with a chic design, the […]

Swoon Worthy – Inspiration Gallery

Getting into the creative zone for interior decorating can take time and a lot of attempts but as Kimberley, the author of Swoon Worthy discovered, it can very soon become addictive. To help you on your way, she’s sharing with us her interior decorating story. Sit back, put the kettle on and prepare to be […]

A look at next year’s home trends

Fashion isn’t just a problem for the contents of your wardrobe. It has an effect on anything and everything – even your house. We’re now more than half way through 2016, and next year doesn’t seem so far away. Whether you’ve been in your home a little while or you’re still waiting to get over […]

Tips to Help Maximise the Space in your First Home

When you move into your first home, especially if it is a modern build, chances are you won’t have huge amounts of space going spare.  First properties tend to be small and compact and you may even be sharing, so making the absolute most of the room you have is essential. Fortunately, there are some […]

4 ways to incorporate Scandinavian furniture into your interior design

Scandinavian design is born out of the belief that everyone should be able to afford furniture that has a fine balance between aesthetic and practicality. The belief every home should have affordable beautifully designed furniture. Here are four ways which you can incorporate Scandinavian furniture into the interior design of your own home. 1) Meeting […]

Design from a Scandinavian perspective

Spotlight on Scandinavian style

As the weather outside gets more and more wintery, why not turn to Scandinavian style for inspiration on how to stay warm and cosy at home? In Nordic culture, simplicity is key; with clean lines and an almost minimalistic approach, Scandinavian homes are enviously cool yet homely. Here’s how to achieve the perfect Scandinavian interior… […]

How to make your home pet friendly

Many landlords have strict ‘no pets’ policies meaning renters are forced to live without a furry, loyal companion in their home. Once you become a homeowner, you may therefore be tempted to rush into buying a pet, but there are many factors you need to consider before you adopt a Pug or Labrador! The main […]