City, town or a village?

Whether you’re looking to improve your lifestyle, expand your family or simply fancy a change of scenery, one of the trickiest decisions when buying a new home is deciding on the location. Since the location of properties can often be a deal-breaker for first home buyers, we are here to help you decide on the […]

The best cities for first time buyers

Whether you’re looking for your first home, somewhere to allow your family to grow or just a change in scenery, one of the toughest decisions to make is location. But they do say that location is everything, so we’re here to help you decide with our list of the top 6 cities to live in. […]


Many of us have our dream first home in mind, from the style of the exteriors to the colour we’ll put on walls. In reality, we may need to compromise and move into a home which is “almost” what we’ve fantasised about. So, what should you be looking out for when it comes to finding […]

Do you live in the UK’s happiest region?

Is your home town the best thing since sliced bread? Or are you planning to move further afield to find your happy place? The Office for National Statistics has revealed the happiest places to live in the UK based on a survey in which over 300,000 people were asked to rate their personal wellbeing on […]