Choosing your new home

Has home ownership always been a dream of yours? For many, choosing your first home is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. Not only are you investing in your future, you’re also buying into a new way of life, a new community, and brand new surroundings. Choosing the perfect décor may be […]

Avoiding the hidden costs of moving

You’ve been granted the mortgage in principle and you’ve found the perfect home. But before you start shopping for the perfect curtains or crockery set, it’s time to find out exactly how much a new home costs. Have a browse of our handy checklist to avoid any nasty financial surprises along the way. The Deposit […]

The legal side to house-buying

You’ve saved hard for your deposit and have found your dream home. All ready to move in? Not quite yet as there’s just the daunting legal of house-buying to face. However, it doesn’t have to be as tricky as everyone makes out. We’ve put together everything you need to know about the legal side of […]

The best cities for first time buyers

Whether you’re looking for your first home, somewhere to allow your family to grow or just a change in scenery, one of the toughest decisions to make is location. But they do say that location is everything, so we’re here to help you decide with our list of the top 6 cities to live in. […]

Seven money saving tips for moving house

If there is one thing that we can all agree on, it’s that moving house can be very stressful and also very costly. Especially at a time when there are lots of additional outgoings, which even the most organised may not have planned for. While there are many costs you cannot control, there are plenty […]

A deposit doesn’t have to be a distant dream

The media love to talk about it, we all have something to say about it, our wages don’t seem to cover it, and the amount to save just keeps rising. Yes, we can only be talking about the dreaded deposit required to buy your first home. Saving enough money is one of the biggest challenges […]

Top tips to finding your perfect home

Buying your first home is a hectic, but exciting time in your life. On one hand, there is nothing like finally taking that prized ownership of your own personal space. On the other hand, it is stressful because in many respects, as buying a home can leave you in a financially tight situation, and provide […]

Top tips for moving in winter

Moving home at any point of the year can be a stressful time, however moving over the coming months, as we move towards winter, can throw up a range of tougher problems. Organisation when moving is key, however winter weather conditions can wreak havoc with any pre-made plans. If you’re planning to move in the heart […]

Key contacts for an impending home move

The home moving period is a hectic and busy time, and for many, there will be things which are forgotten or cast aside in the hectic preceding months. In this article, we will examine the key contacts required when moving home, looking into contacting utility suppliers, phone and broadband suppliers, and even local government establishments. […]