Quick advice for furnishing your new home

Quick advice for furnishing your new home

If you’ve just moved into your new home and want to jump straight into giving your open spaces that splash of personality that comes with furnishing, we know how tough it can be if you’re having to stretch a relatively low budget. Whilst some areas, like a spare room, can be put on hold as they aren’t a pressing concern, others need to be furnished quickly in order for you to be able to effectively continue with your everyday life. It’s a given that your bedroom, living room and dining area are tough to do without, so if you’re looking to decorate these areas without splashing too much cash, check out our handy tips.

Buy used

New furniture can be very expensive, however if you buy used prices are generally more affordable. The one problem with used furniture however, is that some of it can be dreadfully tasteless and more suited to a skip than your house. Despite it often being tough to find tasteful options for furnishing and decorating, it is possible to pick up items for next to nothing. Check out our blog post on Flat Broke Furnishing if picking up freebies and second hand items sounds like a suitable option for you. Alternatively, browse eBay, Gumtree and other auction sites for bargains to incorporate into your home.

Buying packages

Furniture can be expensive to buy, and we know just how big a headache balancing a budget can be when you need a number of pricey and sizeable items. Fortunately, some retailers also understand that and are able to offer you a solution. Shop around and make sure that you make the most of the diversity of your local area. Don’t be suckered in by the big  brand names – chain stores might be convenient as a ‘one stop shop’ destination, however they don’t always offer the best value or craftmanship.


It might be the case that in the process of moving, you’ve acquired some old furniture that is serviceable in your new place, but just needs a bit of a revamp to make it fit for purpose. Simple things such as painting wooden furniture or giving them a coat of oil, replacing knobs, and re-covering chairs can all breathe new life into the items. Moving the position of items of furniture within a room can also make a difference, and can give an object a completely fresh look.

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