#SpringCleanSOS – The shortlist
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#SpringCleanSOS – The shortlist

Despite the weather being far too cold for this time of year, our sponsors, Keepmoat, marked the arrival of spring with our #SpringCleanSOS competition. Hosted on its social media channels, they invited their online community to share the spring cleaning challenges they dare not tackle – from messy rooms, cluttered cupboards and grubby gardens – all to be in with the chance of winning a top of the range Dyson.

After much deliberation, the Keepmoat judging panel has picked its shortlist of finalists and now it’s over to you to choose your overall winner. Check out the entries below and visit the Keepmoat Facebook page to cast your vote.

‘My oven needs some serious TLC’

We agree that this oven is definitely a spring clean challenge and a half! Nobody enjoys the dreaded task of scrubbing the oven for hours on end.

springcleanSOS My oven certainly needs some TLC 1










‘I keep having to pick up floor omelettes, it’s exhausting!’

We love this artistic photo of an adorable little boy looking innocent after dropping eggs on the kitchen floor. I’m sure most parents out there will be able to sympathise with cleaning up after the children all day!

I keep having to clean up floor Omelettes -its egghausting 1







‘Our new flat…’

We feel their pain! Facing the task of redecorating, repairing and cleaning a new home can be daunting (something Keepmoat knows all about) – it just takes some hard work and elbow grease, we promise!

Our new flat.....#SpringCleanSOS 1







‘Daughter’s bedroom – I have not been brave enough to tackle this!’

We definitely don’t envy this peeved parent! Having to live with this mess cannot be fun. And we’re sure that trying to encourage their daughter to clean it herself is even more of a challenge! Good luck mum!

Daughter's Bedroom- I have not been brave enough to tackle this 1






‘Try keeping on top of this kitty’s fur, it’s everywhere’

At Keepmoat we’ve fallen in love with this furry feline, although we certainly don’t love the thought of having to constantly clean up all of its moulting, matted fur!

try keeping on top of this kittys fur its everywhere 1






Voting closes this Friday at 5pm so don’t forget to vote for your favourite on our Facebook page!

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Guide to a simple spring clean

Guide to a simple spring clean

With spring finally here, the time of year has arrived for us to knuckle down and have a large scale clean of our home in an attempt to finally bring it out of the winter months. Whether you’re looking to polish and shine up some of your more statement pieces of furniture, or just give your room a generally fresher feel, we’re here to give you a few tips to help you get things done.

Start the spring cleaning with a simple and relatively small item; your doormats. You can swat them with a broom, shake them outside, vacuum them or wash them. Make sure you’re thorough in your cleaning efforts as they are the first line of defence against the outside world of dirt, and when you have visitors round to your home, it’s one of the first items that they’ll notice. Keeping them clean might seem like a menial task, as they’re only made to be stepped on, however clean doormats mean you hopefully won’t have any excess dirt trodden into other areas of your home.

Upholstery and carpets
Next, move on to the fabrics in your home,  which over the colder months, will have absorbed a wide range of winter dust, dirt and germs. Get into the habit of trying out cleaners on unobtrusive areas of your carpet to ensure they won’t damage the textures and colours, as a lot of chemical cleaners can be harsh, causing discolouring or running dyes. In addition, you can save a great deal of time by moving your furniture slightly so you can work without obstructions. Place the legs of your furniture on small wax paper squares after you finish cleaning your carpets. This will protect them from the leftover moisture as you allow time for the carpet in your room to dry. Make sure you open your windows to let some fresh air in, as the added ventilation will speed up the drying process, which could take a day or more if unaided.

Floor finishes
If you want to protect your floors from the inevitable wear generated by repeated usage, then your best option is to use a sealer or wax. It might seem complex, however can be carried out with ease by simply using a floor cleaner that combines both the washing and waxing process. If you have no-wax floors, then you won’t need to do this as often, however if needs be, it won’t do any harm to provide an additional layer of protection.

Washing the woodwork
Painted doors and skirting boards might seem hard wearing, but if you want to keep them glistening you’ll need to keep them washed and painted frequently. White is the colour of choice when it comes to decorating these areas in many homes, so any failure to keep them clean will result in them quickly becoming grubby.

Stella Benett is a 32 year old passionate blogger, but before all she is a loving mother and wife. As is the case with many housewives, Stella has minimal amounts of free time. She loves cleaning the house because it gives her a sense of ‘pleasure’ and ‘achievement’. Currently she writes on behalf of Westminster Carpet Cleaners.
Photo Credit: donsutherland1 via Compfight cc

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