The Pineapple Trend – Our Top Six Picks

It may be mid-August but we are still desperately clinging onto what is left of summer. This may be the reason why we are currently indulging our dreams of living on a tropical island by jumping on all things pineapple related. Not just a healthy snack, the exotic pineapple is a staple feature in any […]

The Mermaid Trend – nine ways you can make it ‘part of your world’

Since the unicorn trend came galloping onto cakes, fashion accessories and phone cases, we have been on a quest to discover our inner mythical creature believer and what better way to do this than with the hottest look of the moment – Mermaid Chic. From spectacular iridescent embellishments to kitsch underwater designs, it’s time to […]

The minimalist approach

The past few years have seen the hipster look break out of its Shoreditch birth place and become the favoured look for the trendy youth of today. Edgy, hip and effortlessly cool, this style has spread across the world from Manchester to San Francisco and the best thing about it? It’s a low cost way […]